Humble Word for the Insulted

Updated on September 9, 2019
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I am an Indonesian poet. Familiar is called Isykariman, known through his poems that use the figure of speech and romantic words.


My greetings to you, beautiful and despicable smoke. Thank you in advance for being loyal to accompany me throughout my life. Even though they say you're a killer, but I enjoy the way you kill me gently, warmly, and alluring.

You woke up my dry dreams, buried by violent dogmas wrapped in holy light. Breaking the hypocritical curtain, freeing the devil who welcomed the coming of al-Masih.

Pumping lust that got lost in the narrow space of Kamasutra, until it peaked in the crown, blowing heads, spilling over to dirty the tapestry of morality.

Good morning, cheater I love. Who often deceive my consciousness into staying awake, even though my energy is at the threshold. Like a seductive woman's hip dance, makes me forget the warmth offered by the warm bed where she and I made love.

Your black is elegant, your dream that you are a hunter of existence. Your bitterness cheats give birth to deceivers who motivate deceived souls. Your connoisseurs are also fooled, like me who likes to cheat too.

What are you waiting for, older man? Pour your urine, sink my world. Take me away, away from the world where dreams run, hide, from the ambitions of dog puppies.

They are gnawing at my body, dancing with my blessings, celebrating the independence of these desires with the exploding subconscious, destroying the established order.

Fuck the prison of morality, destroy amoral prisons, flood the world with black that purifies all colours.

Accompany me dearly. Accompany me to enjoy the beauty of the sun, watching the blood clashing, the cornucopia colouring the sea until the blue is just a sweet memory.

Accompany me, friend, accompany me to enjoy the slip of the sun while waiting for the main scene, when he was dazed to sink to the east there.

Warm greetings to my three faithful wives,

Who killed me gracefully, and I enjoyed it with love. Tri-venomous single, insulted, with Lara we make love.

My inner tantrum still roars, hums, chides, spits my face in his world.

Spewing poisonous black blood poisoned the world. Mortal laughter occasionally spits utopian dreams, residing in verbally who forgot where they came.

Until when do you keep asking, while your eyes press the answers? Until when do you follow on searching, don't you realize you've been searching for your name?

I said, hey mortal beings, our journey hasn't stopped here. Hey, despicable person, don't think you found what you were looking for because only death will give a definite answer.

But life is a choice, he said. Although all will end in death, life is a choice.

The end of the day arrived for the umpteenth time.

The sun still rises from the east. I still hold the single tri, tightly in my arms. Blue still colours the sea, even though it is rotten like a Ciliwung river.

The redeemer has not yet arrived, and his people increasingly forget about his prophecy — incarcerated lust, leading them slowly and surely. With a perfect blanket, lust acting began to master.

Tri solo with me is still faithful listening and laughing, poetry, singing, jokes veiled in laughter. The servant of morality is increasingly widespread, killing himself with the engineer's lust for dogma.

"Defender of truth" written in capital, bold right on the forehead. Cheering, shouting at the tyranny that was praised by their lord. And, their determination to flood the jungle of humans. Without a head, because their heads are in the grip of a few demons.

Hypocrisy, is my name, for them.

Lost sheep, the right metaphor, about me, for them.

But it doesn't matter, brothers and sisters, because my eyes are blind, my heart dies, when trash tries to possess. Blinded by You, shut down by Him, who is turning the facts upside down.

Still at the end of the day, for the umpteenth time, deliver the sun to its rest using poetry with fingers dancing, revealing the contents of hearts who like to scold his destiny.

The waiting is getting more and more annoying, still on the same track, the sun passing by, greeting the world. Luckily the ribs are now perfect; my polygamy maximized, my trinity gone, melting with consumables, in the same dusty frame.

Your grip is getting closer, erasing ambiguity in prejudice, which is full of hot dust from hellfire. I do not know how long you will be able to survive, because my heat burns everything there is.

The heat of grace at the same time curses, giving me strength as well as dropping. Trapping, torturing in a shameful world, where uncertainty is the only certainty.

Many solutions are displayed, naked, tempting souls who are desperate — offering the best exit to be free from problems.

The heat of grace at the same time curses, giving me strength as well as dropping. Trapping, torturing in a shameful world, where uncertainty is the only certainty.

Many solutions are displayed, naked, tempting souls who are desperate — offering the best exit to be free from problems.

The vortex of my hatred still treated with love. I was waiting for the pickup to arrive at the door, which freed me from the human prison.

My greetings to you, passionate love of colour. Who gave me laughter, like, hurt and sorrow. Don't disappear, stay there, give them a taste, what it's like to be human.

© 2019 Isykariman Biridlwanillah



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