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Humanity Insanity!

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I see humans but no humanity☹


Longing for humanity...

I dig deep through all those empty hearts
I keep searching for the existing good parts
But it seems it's ruined by the world
That mistakes the good for the bad... It's all so whirled

Many hearts are filled with sorrow
Still waiting for a better tomorrow
Many humans are still itching for a humanity
Not knowing that they could create it... That's insanity

I walked through a creepy dark path
Filled with dark faces
I looked deeper and did some math
It seemed that these features come from the same places

I opened up a book...
The title said "Description of humanity"
I took a closer look...
Well damn no here had any mutuality

Yet don't wanna stand up for what
belongs to you?
Well that's alright
It's freedom that should be given to the
people too
But the only thing the word brings is the

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