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Human Behavior in Different Environments

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The childhood of all the people of the world

Childhood may be the best stage of life for some, but not for others.
Those beings who were victims of violence and did not live to tell about it. Those people who today live traumatized because of mistreatment and abuse by those who should have given them only attention and love in their childhood.

Those beings who were marked and today are judged by society because of the low values that some of them acquired. But while it is true that their minds are deviated, this does not justify bad actions or low values, because the living example is others who managed to overcome these negative experiences and became normal human beings with acceptable virtues and defects.

At the end of the day, personalities vary, but the influences of the environment and examples of elders influence greatly.


The light of the streetlights

I see your soul
little boy.
I feel your dreams
Your look.
The breath that hangs
of the life.
of the frivolous moon.
I see the shine of your light,
and the shadows
that escape
in the light of the streetlights.
Your smile is the spark
that promotes joy
that travels undulating
about the magic of happiness.
Innocence germinates and is saved
forever in the sun.
colored planets,
decorate your house.
Your parents are energy
next to the great love.
The stars of hubbub
they shed their light.


Headlights and wooden smiles

And I watched the rain fall
about magic rotate.
The water drops go
into the crystal world.
And the rain began to fall
the sun is gone again
to his house.
upside down.
Heaven is lonely,
churning clouds
they hold pots of water,
A mesh the water manages
pours in droplets brilliant
and flashing dreams,
about children, waiting for
with wooden smiles,


Phrases about childhood

Childhood is magical when parents love their children.

Childhood is full of curiosity in the form of questions to parents.
The magic of childhood is mainly colorful in nature.

Colors are much more intense in childhood.

During childhood, everything is joy with the little details of life.

Flying a kite can be one of the most exciting adventures of childhood.

A great emotion is to contemplate the sunrise and the soap bubbles.

You have to watch the kids when they make mud pies,
they can eat them.

The colored balloons are made of joy and childish love.

Children's parties excite the little ones in the house,
with his cake, music, his piñata and above all his little friends.

Learning is so exciting for children,
knowledge is freshness unmatched
in his mind eager to know.

If you want an exemplary human being,
sets a good example of behavior
to imitate for your children.

From infancy, the children
They look their parents
as a faithful example to imitate.

In the childhood
each day is full of intensity
and color magic.

Cartoons with positive messages and wholesome entertainment and they make children happy.

The first day of school is the first step of independence and responsibility.

Children love that their parents pay attention to them and encourage them at all times, before new school experiences.

In childhood it is easy to forgive,
rancor does not exist in children,

Little lights hold the children in their hands,
ahead a future full of clarity with divine promises.

In childhood, a hug for a child, from his parents, is an incomparable treasure of unconditional love.


Happy childhood

Happy childhood is only one,
enjoy this stage
happy, from the sun.

catch the imagination,
with its shades of brilliance.
The sunset is magical with its mysteries.
There are the children and their empire.

The dawn gives off rays of love and games.
And the evening is full of images with sparkles.

Everything is luminous, and everything is discovered,
in the letters, in the light, in the dark,
and in family happiness.


Eternal childhood

There are three kinds of eternal childhood.

The Childhood alive, which sometimes stays:
in the little people who rise to the sky,
and they lives on high with God.

In people who grow up with
colorful imagination,
with an eternal lamp in its dawn.

And in people,
whose intellectual vision
is naive, and childish,
until the end of its existence.

© 2022 Venus Mary

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