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Human Robotic Tendencies

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

Regretted choosing the path of apparently a lot of resistance

No longer a properly functioning human being

That fantasy has temporarily disappeared for the rest of the week

Going through the motions to get through this very long schedule

Trying to keep a low profile to not stir up any type of trouble

Apparently just opening up my mouth tended to move the spoon

Around in the melting pot of an office environment

Ready to keep a very low profile and listen to The Clash for protection

Maybe, should switch to something mellower like decaf

Not sure there's such a thing for music though

Need something calm, but not too calm

Can't be falling asleep at my desk while on the clock

That would cause quite a stir; not ready to go down that road

Let's stick with Joe Strummer and company to listen to today

Back to getting into the grind of the work week; or ground into dust

Feeling like that proverbial mask of humanity slipping away

Falling into the biggest wastepaper basket of life

Disappearing into the muck and mire of very gross trash

Wondering how it got to this point where almost all was lost

Realized that I'm simply just suffering from fatigue

Been working way too hard and burned out

Haven't had a break to properly rest and recuperate

Travelling at a break neck pace to cover supply and demands

Don't know if I'll ever work this type of schedule again

Really feeling the affects of it this time around

Irritable and emotional more than the last time

Starting to think that it was a very bad idea to volunteer

For a schedule that I just can't maintain

Not having a moment and rest for myself

Always waking up with the sound of a screaming alarm clock

Falling asleep at the drop of a hat while watching television

Still in my 30s and suddenly transformed into a 90 year old

With the energy of a rust bucket machine on its last legs

Don't understand sometimes how working in an office

Can deplete so much life force out of someone

Understood completely that it was all a mental type of exhaustion

Patience worn extremely thin and eager for Friday to come

Sadly, it's not fast enough for this impatiently intrepid worker

Taking it a single day at a time

Getting as much sleep as humanly possible

Avoiding making any sudden movements and decisions

Will be fine at reaching the conclusion of the week

Without making any sudden waves or overturning any pots

That's all anyone can ask for.

The object that anyone should avoid becoming.

The object that anyone should avoid becoming.

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