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Human Experimental Anesthesia

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 14 years.

One little pale yellow trinket

In the form of 100 mg of medicinal relief

Eradicating all of the rough edges

That made this personalized sculpture unique

All of the joie de vivre erased from the syllabus

Tiny traces of chalk laced sarcasm remained on the blackboard

Legs weighed more than two ton cinderblocks

Personality transformed into a caged lion in the zoo

The power hungry creature a shell of its former self

No longer frisky enough to flirt with the opposite sex

Or even say hello to them with one feral paw

Smiles came at a distinct premium

Few and far between at the very best effort

Locked in a pill induced cloud of perpetual exhaustion

A high that reached new lows in the 9 to 5 factory grind

Ready to get off this zombie train sooner rather than later

Preferred to feel the emotional lows of Picasso's Blue Period

Than focused on nothing at all but the sound of the time clock

Waited for the bell to go off, only to wake up the next morning

Covered in drool and yesterday's work outfit

Awkward to say the least

Tried to cover up the accident, but words failed

Ignorance was sometimes bliss, just not this time

Was definitely time to get off this assembly line.

The cure or the ultimate cause of someone's ruin.

The cure or the ultimate cause of someone's ruin.