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Human Antiseptic Behavioral Science Program

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 14 years.

Woke up today in an unmentionable panic of sweat

Don't remember the nightmare or dream that caused it

Just know that the sheets are soaked with the fear perfume

One that smelled like sheer stressed out terror

No horror movie or Dateline episode needed to make

That the most memorable thing out of another Sunday night

Wasn't nervous about returning back to the henhouse

After a nice, but short sojourn away wrapped up over the weekend

Instructed by the doctor to take medicine as prescribed

And the results will do wonders to your mind and body

Unfortunately, the side effects worse than could handle the highs

Headaches and body aches on the 4 to 4.5 range on the Richter Scale

Hands stiffened up to the point where typing on the computer

Became a three hour tour that the Skipper didn't intend

Not even the Professor or Ginger could make downing pills worth it

Capsules to cover the downsides of the original prescription stuff

Joy and focus smoothed away with a medical buffer

Boredom and irritation all that remained in this commercialized package

Cannot even add 2 plus 2 to save my life at this point

Knew the answer, but the padlock on my brain made it hard to access

Operated mostly on muscle memory and ten to fifteen second pauses

Before any decision making processes were done

Not eager to have two different colored socks or shoes on

No desire to be a punchline in the office tomorrow morning.

Energy dissipated to the point where operating on fumes

Bowling game three of the Sunday Summer Twosome each week

Brought new meaning to the team name Hit or Miss

Especially the latter word where your arm didn't have the speed

To reach an easy spare and ended up missing it by half a mile

Ready to destroy up whatever lockbox I've been locked in

Grabbed anything to open it; just don't have permission

To take the final step and escape this medicated madness for good

Time to get back to rational solid footing

Whatever that may be.

Time to take this lock off by any means necessary.

Time to take this lock off by any means necessary.