Hulk Rhymes

Updated on October 17, 2017

The Hulk


David Banner had an idea.
To create soldiers with no fear.
He wanted the soldiers for battle.
With DNA from various animals.
General Thaddeus Ross denies his request.
David Banner still does the experiment.
He does the experiment on himself
Without thinking that he could hurt someone else.
He does just that when impregnating his wife.
Before his son's even born he's affected his life.
The family experiences a traumatic event.
That puts young Bruce with different parents.
Bruce grows and remembers nothing of the incident.
Gets a girlfriend, job and becomes a geneticist.
Her name is BETTY. Last name ROSS.
Her father was David Banner's boss.
She was also his coworker.
Hoping to change the world forever.
So while in the lab they are pairing.
Working on cell repairing.
By using low gamma radiation.
Creating something that will help the nation.
In the midst of maintenance.
There is an error in the sequence.
That prevents the machine from firing.
It is on the verge of exploding.
So bruce throws his frame on it.
And is exposed to more radiation
He said he should've died Because he knows what's inside
Then one day when he was under stress.
That monster within started to manifest.

Eric Bana
Bruce Banner/Hulk
Jennifer Connelly
Betty Ross
Nick Nolte
David Banner
Sam Elliot
General Ross

The Incredible


After the Hulk bloomed like a flower.
The Military tried to weaponize his power.
The program, they attempted to recreate.
But unstable soldiers is a mistake.
Bruce transforms to the Hulk in disgrace.
In anger and fury, he smashes the place
Banner becomes a fugitive to the states.
So he moves to another place.
He's in Brazil. Looking to be cured.
He contacts a guy that says he has it for sure.
In the meantime, Ross sends a swat team.
But banner transforms and defeats the team.
But Emil Blonsky finds out.
How the Hulk comes about.
Then agrees to be injected.
With similar serum, so he could fight it.
Banner returns to the states.
He reunites with his first Date.
Attacked by Ross again.
He transforms into Hulk and dismantles their plan.
They retreat. But Blonksy insanity.
Walks up to him and mocks the beast.
The hulk kicks him. Seemingly kills him.
But he survives and the serum heals him.
Blonsky has banners blood in him.
The injection mutates him.
Into a big creature.
A creature that may be bigger.
A creature with proportions that were unforgettable.
He had the size and strength but he was not Incredible.

Edward Norton
Bruce Banner/Hulk
Liv Tyler
Betty Ross
Tim Roth
Emil Blonksly/Abination
William Hurt
Thadeus Ross

© 2017 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius


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