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How to Start Again

I love writing. Since I was young, I love writing journals, poems and diaries. Currently, I'm a 3rd year student of BSED, Major in English.


Patience we need patience

How do I start?

When to start?

What to do to start again?

Why do I have to start again?

How do I start?

I have to cry for a couple of minutes to make my mind straight.

To set my mind to rule over my emotion.


Well, I have to pack my things after two years of staying at home?

Getting myself ready for the best or worst?


Where do I have to start?

I- i don't know.

I don't really know.


One morning, I only have read something on Facebook.

And that brought me to a thought that I have to start here. RIGHT HERE.

What to do to start again?

That's hard. Again. I don't know.

Well, the thought of leaving again after two years. It's killing me.


All I know is that

I have to leave AGAIN.

Why do I have to start again?

I'm here again.

The same bad feeling, or more than that. Worst.

Leaving my family, my house, my pets. For what? To start again?

To start again for another life.

For another purpose.

For another page to begin with.

But this time.



It's painful to leave.

But I know that while I'm leaving

I have someone telling me.

"For you, I will wait"

© 2022 Resamae Santillan