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Nostalgic Visions in Verse

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How to draw nostalgy?

How to draw nostalgy?
Tracing a line in time.
How to draw nostalgia?
That ripples in the memories... distant,
but at the same time close.

How to draw nostalgia?
The youthful years smile and the light
it cling to love.
An unearthly clarity illuminates every step,
past and future...

The sigh of the sun surrounds each longing for tulle.
A question resurfaces:
Was that padded experience of happiness real?
Or was it just a dream of angels?

How to draw nostalgy?
Idealized days that have already passed...
Collecting their hours and their faded sensations
they adapt to the present and the future.
And the pen elevates what the mind captures,
drawing the paint of the past.


Wild nostalgia

The wet arms of the transparent rain.

They bind me in their bonds
They form a pleasant halo.
I am a plant of the forest,
green and chastea as the illusion.

I hesitate and turn in the opposite lagoons,
to the golden star that flashes experiences.
I chase the drops of dreams,
I kiss the clouds that go down and up,
i embrace the sunny winter of rhymes and the proses.

A placidity of apparent cups and splendor,
comes to thought.
A memory of yesteryear, of another life,
from other directions and other times,
ferns hanging from each broken nostalgia.


The memory

The silent nocturnal face speaks to me of him
and his words.
Maelstroms of allied verses that weaved poems
of impossible dreams.
Reality seeps in and a glow
of darkness,
fades into distant silhouettes.

The forests full of green feelings,
They wither and their parched aridity of appearances
they present their pallor of oblivion in the predicted
for millennia.

We are went to the shadows of the words,
those mutual phrases covered with tenderness
were embodied in space and
in the memories of this century.

The feeling is in peaceful and calm
lying in the sun ruts,
Friendship overflows in my soul
asleep on the grass of stillness.


Ode to life

Flashing lights and lime galaxies,
consistent lyrics and harmonies.
Palm trees, islands, gale and peace;
restlessness, loneliness, love and dreams..

Surge of tumultuous waves,
it is the life of hazardous trajectory.
More the calm of sinuous tides,
are the kissing and the memories.

Early mornings of sun and mist,
nights and days go by.
They Accompanied by mist and moon,
are go sadness and happiness.

Clouds obscure the clear sky;
happiness is disturbed in the human being.
Another dawn enraptured by fates is born,
in hopes resurgent from the hands.

The rainbow accompanies nature,
like that love that resurfaces from goodness.
Light up the sunset with colors and nobility.
turning off depressions, apathy, darkness.

Ocean waves and storm clouds;
it is the life of the children of God.
There are rocks, fish, mermaids, sharks;
reality, fantasy, evil, and love.

At the end of the sun, light of a star;
this ode of inspiration swoons.
Like the dawn expanded in sparks;
says goodbye transmiting love.


The sunset of reality

Negative energies catch my romantic wandering;
about the landscape of the magic letters...
The songbirds have retired;
and in its place black ravens have appeared,
that hover over my thoughts.

Tiredness exhausts the muse,
that lives in my multicolored universe.
More unexpectedly, the squawks cease...,
For a space of two minutes,
silence is perpetuated in the arms of silence...

And the trill of the volatiles returns,
how a dream concert
in the expectant breezeof dawn...
I listen to it, and I delight in the
zephyr of a laconic sigh.
Fused with the senility of an ancient verse,
and perfumed with the afflicted desertion of your love.

Music transcends ideals of intensity,
in the wear of the luminous points of the ominous sun,
who despite her lofty beauty;
they fail to impress their greatness and highness on my interior.

Serenity is overwhelmed with the letters that flutter
in centrifugal turns facing the twilight of reality;
where a point in a sphere laughs, sings, cries
and floats on the fantasy of an illusory romance;

about the lights concentrated in a divisive encounter;
who dreams, lives and suffers the events of a life;
sown in the distance of a wounded nostalgia;
and adorned at last with a nubile, ethereal illusion,
of blue and aerial emotions.

© 2022 Venus Mary

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