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How to Suture the Bleeding Heart

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As his heart over the months have continued to bleed because of the deplorable, pathetic

And unwholesome position that he has been in due to the condition of the island where he

Alongside the other youths have found themselves, he continues to think and that hard of how

Their bleeding hearts could be sutured for he knows by interaction with many other youths

That he has not been the only one with a bleeding heart. And from their interactions and his

Deep thought he has known that the leaderships of the island are aged, on deeper look into

Their circuits and from the historical findings he has noticed that there had been no new

Person introduced into their midst for decades, the leaderships have a complete façade for

They have been recycling themselves, they have turned the leaderships of the island to

Birthright thing, and the island is neither being governed by Kings nor the Queens, they are

Being ruled by the politicians. The old cargoes who have been ruling them for the time pasts

Are those who have been there they have been coming out under another names to say they

Are fresh and new, and those who could not be there have put their subjects there to be

Ruling the land, thence there have been no difference in the situation of things. The

Difference would come if those recycling themselves could be stopped, new people, fresh

Blood need to be introduced into the system if there is going to be any changes, if the

Bleeding hearts of the people would be sutured, there ought to be new people introduced into

The leaderships of the island. For when new people are introduced into the leaderships of the

Island they will bring new ideas and innovations that would enhance the development of

The Island. There is need to reduce favoritism to the barest minimal we cannot say that this

Should be totally abolished for saying that means we are not sincere but it can be reduced to

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The level where people would not raise eyebrows to it. The jurists should judge fairly,

Because there have been reported cases of bribes been taken by the jurists of the island as it is

Said in the Holy Writ that thou shalt take no gift: for the gift blindeth the wise, and

Perverteth the words of the righteous.They have changed judgments to favor their

Cronies, God does not like this, occurrence like this does not support development and

Growth in any island where such is been rampant. Since only one percent of the Youths

Have been included in the leaderships of the island, this needs to be changed and if

About 90 percent of the leaderships should also include the youths it will augur well for

The island and society because they have been called the leaders of tomorrow in addition to

This they are educated they are those who know the trend of things going around

Globally, they have been interacting with other people around the world and have been

Sharing knowledge with one another, through those knowledge sharing they would Bring

About needful development into the island and the Island would witness remarkable

Development and growth. It these could be done, he thinks the bleeding hearts of the people

Would be sutured and everyone would be living well within the Island. But would the people

Who have tasted the milk and Honey of the island be allow for something like this to

Happen in the island?

Quote From

Exodus 23:8


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