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How to Please An Audience

Artist, actor, poet, teacher, songwriter & actor with 4,000 poems & almost 1,000 songs written, performed recorded & published on line.

When your songs begin, they'll move with them, like the ocean absorbing the waves of sound carrying your true grit ..... vocally and musically and they'll c

How To Please An Audience Some very easy Steps......

1. - Be on time for your show

not even one minute late,

unless you are in the E.R.

They spent a lot of time

and money to get tickets to

see you, and they expect a

two hour show. not some lame

excuses. Break a leg on stage...

literally on stage but not their

hearts and not before

you even get there

2. -Dress like a star,

even if you have to rent it

no T-shirts, torn dirty

jeans and sneakers.

Show some class, look fantastic

for your fans,

The admission was costly

so don't look cheap.

3. -Find out who's in the

audience, have the box office toss

you a few names, or assign a roadie

to greet and meeta few folks

scattered through the audience

before you go on stage.

and then Thank them sincerely

by name for coming out.

Personalize your act and I

guarantee they'll be

coming back again.

4.- Work the crowd like you would a

new girl or guy you just met

show them lots of love, get in touch

with them, look them in the eyes,

regardless of the spots, and get

out there and high five a few.

At least until you are so "BIG"

that your security team forbids it.

5.- Praise their town, their teams,

and their attractions

make them feel like you visit there

often, be a part of what and who they are.

It just takes a few minutes of research

to find out-(for example) that

the Akron college team's name

is the Zips.

6.-Stay sober, no one wants to hear you

forget lyrics, miss chords, or slur words

they can catch that at some local dive

with any has been Band's gig,

Get high after the show if you must,

long after you've gotten

the crowd high on your skills

and you have blown "them" AWAY!

7.. - Give them what they want to hear,

your best songs, save the unknown,

not yet popular work for the studio

where you can make it better.

8.- Don't take a long intermissions

or breaks, you lose the momentum and

the patience of the listeners,

An angry or restless crowd will

blame you for their mood long

after they have left

9..- Work the crowd like a

gentle pickpocket

only stealing their hearts,

and then when your songs

begin, they'll move with them

like the ocean absorbing

the waves of sound carrying

your true grit .....vocally

and musically and they'll carry

that true grit in the oysters

of their souls forever..

Till eventually the pearls

that are formed will string

you along a path to glory.

10. Always give them a long encore,

they won't forget. Save one or two

of your best music for last and

blast them with intensely unique

productions of each song. You may

be tired but you can rest in splendor

when you achieve the ability

to wear out your audience

instead of yourself.

Send them away on a high that

they will talk about

That is the best form

of advertising ever and it’s free!

Set all their cell phones and lighters

into a bonfire of your vanities.

Godspeed to all of your successes.

© 2022 Matthew Frederick Blowers III

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