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How to Love You, My Love


To love you

How to guess you, you who escape without saying
it well beyond the sky
well beyond the oceans, calm to see you cry.

I write for you, and for you sing
poems that no one understands, and they say:
it's beautiful

How to love you, my love
I see the sun in the night, eyes closed,
and your gray eyes open to the beauty of the world
and its misery; love you, and I am free,
marvelously free; take me in your arms
and let's play!

To love you.

Only God knows, and we,
thus becoming like him.
The sun plays with the night.

We both.
She with him, he with her,
and this poem, which I write
for you

your gray eyes,
open to the beauty of the world,
and its misery

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