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How to Do The Impossible

I Will Drink To That

I have been practicing this my whole life

Doing everything in my power

To come up with a good incredible solution

I drink ice-cold water right from the freezer

It gives me an extra kick I need

Let's look at the problem

Then break it down into little pieces

Tackle each piece

Then put the problem back together

With Superglue instead of Elmers

It will hold much better

There can be any length of time

In between each step

With many drawbacks and major catastrophes

Each time we have to reevaluate our current situation

Find ways to change it

Thinking outside the box

Rule nothing out

Giving up is not an option

Making us a true believer

When you are completely stuck

Give yourself a much-needed break

Take your mind off of it for a while

Play a sport

Relax and do something you really enjoy

Get rid of the frustration and release that tension

Your mind will subconsciously work around the clock

Looking for an answer

It might just come to you

When you least expect it

If you still haven't solved the problem for now

I have a few problems

I am still working on and it has been years

I believe the time isn't right

Each day I am coming a little closer

It is important to be patient

I write down each step I take

I feel it helps me follow my progress

There are many things in life we don't the answers to

Then there are those things we find the answer

It may not come easy

If we never take no for an answer

We will always be

Better off than we first started

Maybe that is not the answer you have been looking for

Or maybe it is

Because that little old answer

Could lead you right to the one

That you have searching so deeply for

One day the answer will come

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