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How They Ruined Me

I am a teenage amateur writer. Just trying to make my way through random things that keep me busy and away from my anxiety

Elders say we must stay away from strangers

So he befriended strangers

And he is paying the price for the same

It started when he was scolded for

Getting low marks in mathematics

He went crying to his friend's home

Where he found something he needed the most


It became an everyday thing hanging out around the streets

To road trips and night outs

Couldn't think much about my family

Friends were my pathmakers

And my almighty

Once I met them with a smulger

But overlooked the fact

And days later found himself doing the same thing

No loved one wanted to accept his

Addiction and my vile personality

So he sat at the store room table

Wondering what went wrong

He has no job now

Nor a decent source of income

All he has left is the powder

That his friend's ruined him with.


ISHIKA MEHERE (author) from NAGPUR on September 14, 2021:

Thank you so much for your compliment manatita.

What you said is indeed true.

Hope you have a great day ahead.

manatita44 from london on September 14, 2021:

Another great poem! Whatever is happening helps us. We can learn and move forward, praying to God not to make the same mistake. Never do what makes you weak. Much Love. - Lantern

ISHIKA MEHERE (author) from NAGPUR on September 13, 2021:

Thank you for understanding my poem very well brenda.

The "he" and "my " refrence was evident of the fact that almost everyone has once been in bad company.

Hope you have a great day ahead.

BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on September 13, 2021:


This is a good poem.

I did get a bit confused as you are saying him & he...then switch back to My...then back again.

Regardless of all that.. .your story gets told.

So often one wants to feel good about himself & he reaches for those who pay attention to him.

He doesn't realize they really don't want to be his friend until it's too late & he is hooked on the powder

His life is forever changed.

ISHIKA MEHERE (author) from NAGPUR on September 13, 2021:

Tell me what you think about it.

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