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How the Captive of The Mighty Was Delivered #6

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The Miracle

The husband spent and was being spent during the second pregnancy because he does not want the pregnancy to be aborted, but despite all that has been spent what they thought would not happen, again happened, the pregnancy was aborted during the second trimester. She

remembered what her former spouse has told her when last they met, that she will never put to bed except she be married to him, this she considered a mere threat, because she has told him that she does not want to have anything to do with him again. in her own opinion

everyone says what they do not meant to do at a time or another when something they do not expect happened to them, and this she considers one of those things when the young man said that to her, she thought he said that because of his desire for her. Now that it happened

again, she thinks this is getting beyond ordinary, more so, that she uses to have nightmare before the incident happened. She called her spouse after she was discharged to ask him what his view was about what they considered a mere threat of her former spouse. Her husband too

told her that he has been thinking about the threat and the possible relationship with what is happening, and in his opinion could be connected, because she has not been seeing the faces of those people pursuing her in the dream. She reiterated that she believes they are connected.

Whatever the case may be, the man says, they will keep trying since they cannot go back to beg him for that would worsen the situation and keep praying, for he believes one day, God will give them victory. She had another terrible experience, when she took in again for she

would have died in the process because things got complicated during the evacuation. After this incident, she was usually afraid to have intercourse with her spouse, this almost lead to the divorce of the couple because of the woman’s behavior. It took the intervention of

some psychologists and counselors before she comes around. When she took in the again, she was placed under close monitoring by the medical personnel, for they do not want what happened in the past to repeat itself. While under close monitoring, one day she met with a


lady who preached to her, and she got saved, accepting Jesus into her life. Thereafter, she started fellowshipping with the group the lady belongs to and praying with them. She told them what she has been passing through and they assured her that as she has come to Christ

all those would not happen again. They keep praying together, believing God for miracle in her life. As before, at the sixth month of her pregnancy, she again started to dream about those village masquerades, whenever she dreamt of such, she would tell the fellowship

brethren who will pray with her, encouraging her in the word of God to have faith in the Lord, that nothing would happen to the fetus in her uterus this time around, those enemies have reached their bus stop, they have gotten to their destination and they shall not be able to

perform their enterprise on her again she will be told. She partly believed them but not wholly, her believe in what they are saying was because she has tried other options and they have failed, now that she is dreaming about the masquerades again, she think the thing would

happen after she has the dream the third time, for that was how it used to happen. She keeps hoping against hope as she joins the fellowship, and the people keep instilling faith in her, for without faith we cannot receive anything from God they will tell her. However, the

sixth month passed, and she has had the dream for the third time, but nothing happened to the pregnancy, and this surprises her. During the time she was being talked to by the people she thought she would not have the nightmare again, but that does not happen, and nothing

happened to the pregnancy too. As the pregnancy grows, her expected date of delivery was approaching, when it was few days away, the medical personnel put her on bed rest to be able to monitor her well. While there the believers would still visit her to pray with her,

committing her and the baby into the hands of the Living God. She puts to bed safely and their joy knew no limitations. During the christening of the baby, the husband shares a testimony with the audience of what the Lord has done for them, telling them that those

whose wives’ take in and give birth safely, do not know what the Lord has done for them, but those whose wives pass through a lot of “mountains” before putting to bed know how to appreciate God better after the pregnancy has been delivered he says to the congregation. It was indeed period of joy for the family….

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