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How the Captive of The Mighty Was Delivered #5

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The Threat was no fluke

Mother and daughter after leaving the place continued to talk and her mother told her that she needs to find the person and bring him back into her life. She promised her mother that she will do that when she returns to the city. On getting to the city, she went to the young

man’s place, the young man having seen her distance off could not believe what he was seeing, and was telling himself, maybe she is just passing by, for he never knows that she knows his place. While thinking about this, surprisingly, the maiden headed straight for his

store, and greeted him. Then she says, he does not even bother to ask after her that is that good? The young man appealed to her that she should not be annoyed with him. It is true that he has not been asking after her lately and it was because of her brother’s disposition because

her brother has abused him and talked harshly to him when last he visited her. Then the lady says, you that said, it is me or no other person then why do you esteem my brother’s words, it means you are not a man of your words. He again appealed to her not to be

annoyed, “as your brother is abusing me, so was his wife, and you that I am paying a visit too never give me a chance, you always turn me down, not wanting to see my faeces on the dunghill, then I said, before I become maimed by your brother it is better I stay off. Then you

are a weakling, she replied, a man should always be a man in the face of anything, and especially on the matter of finding and possessing that most precious thing in his life, a lover. Again I am sorry he replied. What do I offer you now? He asks. Anything that you have here


will do he says. Then he stands up walked to his neighbor’s place to get her bottled malt, and snacks. They continued to discuss, and he was thinking he would leave his shop but the maiden did not leave. After she has finished she told him that she wants to know his place.

The young man takes her to his house, and while going she asks that they buy some soup ingredients along because she would like to cook for him. Luckily enough for him the market square was not far from his house, they thence alighted at the market as they do the shopping 9. together, buying things, pots, plates among other things. And when they got to the house, he left her behind as he quickly returns to shop to settle some customers. The young damsel did not leave his house that day, and they had wonderful moments together, as she made him

a man. A month after this, she missed her period and she told him what had happened he was elated to hear the news and told her that he will tell his people and they will go to her village to know her people. Like a dream, for she was thinking maybe he would want to play

funny with her, but instead of that he has told her that he would be willing to know her parents with his people. They used two stones to kill a bird when they went to the village because that was the day they know her parents and paid her bride price according to the

culture of the lady. That was how they started living together as husband and wife. However, at the expiration of the second trimester of the lady’s pregnancy, she started having nightmares and would be seeing masquerades pursuing her in her dream. Every time that she

sees masquerade pursuing her, she will notice blood stains on her private parts, at the third time that she will have the dream, it was not ordinary blood stains that she was seeing again, she started bleeding per vagina. She was rushed to the hospital, the doctor calls it

threatened abortion initially, but at the third instance, it was not only threatened abortion again but the fetus was clearly aborted, as the doctors evacuated the fetus out of the uterus of the lady. She cried and cried when this happened, but there is nothing that could be done.

After she has been comforted by her husband, they had fun again and she took in. Like it happened in the past, she started dreaming about masquerades pursuing her at the fifth month of the pregnancy. The pregnancy again was aborted at the sixth month despite all that the medical personnel do to save the pregnancy from being aborted.

Note on the proverbs

1. You always do not want to see my faeces on the dunghill: It is a proverb showing that someone is detested by some other people or a person in the society as such they could never speak well of the person nor want to be associated with him or her at all.

2. Using a stone to kill two birds mean one uses an occasion to address two or more issues.


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