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How the Captive of The Mighty Was Delivered #4

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The Ignored Was Chosen

She did not attach much importance to this for she thought he was bluffing and left his presence. When she got home her mother asked her of the person in her life now and she told her that there are three guys she was thinking about, but she has not really given them her

consent. Her mother says that is good, that she should let them visit spiritualist. There was a shepherd who has just moved to the village and he is good in seeing into the future. They went to the man, and the man told her that out of the three names she has submitted to him,

none of them is her husband, adding that the person he is seeing as her husband was also light, in complexion, about the same height as her, there are certain spots on his body like this, the young man finished her apprenticeship about two months ago, he invited you but you

did not attend. As he was describing him, she remembers the person and it was the young man who has said it is her or no one else. She does not like the young man because of the spots on his body and has been thinking that is how their children would get spots all over

their body if they be married to each other. Apart from that, this young man is just coming up, he has no money, when he asks him for anything he will promise him but would not fulfill the promise, whereas those three she has submitted their names to the spiritualists, even

before she asks them anything, they will buy things for her, give her pocket money among other things. As she was thinking about what the spiritualist has stated, the spiritualist interrupted her thought asking her if she remembers anything with that description and she

replied that she remembers and told him his name. immediately she submitted his name to the center of the book that the spiritualist has placed down, the book rolled. And the man says you can see now that the spirit is not lying. If you want to have a good home, enjoy your

Song of Choice

marriage this is the person you should be married to. Though he has nothing at the moment but his story will change immediately after you are married. However the other three whose names you have submitted, let me tell you about them. The first man will be married to three

woman in the world, that is what he has been destined with, while the second name submitted the man would not live long, two years after his marriage he will die and the third person that you think has money, he has nothing and he is lazy everything he has been given

you have been dubiously collected from other ladies, if you be married to him you will suffer hell on earth and you will everyday be seeking for death but death would not come. However, this young man that I told you about, he does not even like women, in fact he is

being forced by his people to get marry because he has come of age, apart from that, he will make you happy and would always be there to support you, you will have rest and peace of mind if you marry him and above all you will be blessed with children, it is the numbers of

children that you want to give birth to that you will give birth to with him, you are the one who will say, I want to stop procreation with him he concluded. The man did not know about the threat made by her former spouse when saying these. She looked at her mother’s face, as

the woman thanks the shepherd, gave him the little money she has wrapped on the edge of her wrapper, the shepherd replied, that freely we have been given the gift and we have been told to freely use it for the benefit of mankind and especially believers, it is not for sales.

She replied that she knows it is not for sale, even assuming the shepherd wants to sell it, can the little money she has brought buy such a gift? The shepherd shook his head. Definitely not, the woman replied, this is a gift to appreciate you for it is also said that those who bless

in the word we should bless them back with our gifts. Okay thanks a bunch, the shepherd replied. God will guide your daughter, she will not miss it in marriage the shepherd says as they said amen. They stand to their feet to leave and her mother told the shepherd that she will still check back later. That was how they left his place.