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How the Captive of The Mighty Was Delivered #3

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The Threat

After she has bought her new dress, the latest dress that ladies of her stature use to put on in the city. After getting those clothes his brother told them that he will be driving them to a restaurant to eat something, but she told her brother that instead of going to restaurant he

should let them go to his house and she will prepare them foods because they have some soup ingredients and farm products that they were given by her mother in the boot of the car, but her brother says, he was very hungry and would not be able to wait for that. After they

have taken something when they get home she can be doing all that, for the evening. They got to the restaurant ate foods and drank juice. After they are through, he drove his friend to his house promising to see him later in the day while, he drives to his house. Before he gets to

his house, his fiancée has been waiting in the house and she has prepared delicious meal for him and his friend for she thought his friend would accompany him home before he leaves for his house. He was very happy to see her at home, telling her she thought she would

be at her workplace at that moment. She told her that since he has told her that he will be returning that day, she has decided to come to his apartment early to prepare something for him because she is sure he would not be able to eat anything before leaving the village that

morning. Then he told her they have eaten at a restaurant and was having it in mind that after he has rested he would come to her place with his sister. He introduced them to each other, and his fiancée likes his sister immediately. Months after this, he gets her enrolled at a

sewing house where she would learn how to sew ladies dresses. That was how she started learning the work. She signed for four years to learn the work from her master. As she began learning the work, her beauty started attracting males to her even at the place, and different

males started approaching her to be romantically involved with her. Since she has known a man before, she did not accept to any of their proposals telling them that her husband is in the village and any moment from then she could be call upon for her wedding. Many of those

she has told this left her, but there was one guy out of those who did not leave her, the guy told her that it is her or no one else. She keeps telling him the same thing. A year into her apprenticeship, her brother took his fiancée to their parents in the village and she

accompanied them. It was when she got to the village that she discovers that the man she thought would come for her has gotten married to someone else. When they met in the village the young man states that he wants to make her the second wife. She was mad with him and

left him angrily. Very early the following morning they left for the city again, and then she started paying attention to males proposals in the city. As those males keep confessing and demonstrating their love to her, she did not know what to do about them again. his

brother told her to be patient, that anyone who will be hers would be hers and she should not bother her head so much about them, what she needs to be worried about was how she will finish her training. After she finished her training she told her brother that she wants to

go and spend some weeks at the village with her mother. At the village, her former spouse started troubling her again that he wishes to be married to her, that he will make her the first wife, which is the position that belongs to her. But she refused his proposal saying she does

not want to be married to a man who has a wife before, she would not marry someone who has two wives. When she told him this, the young man told her that, “that means you will forever be barren in your life, except you marry me, you cannot have children because all the pregnancies you have would be aborted”.


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