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How the Captive of The Mighty Was Delivered #2

It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...

Tola Richard

Tola Richard

The Departure of The First Son with the Beautiful Lady

It was close to twenty years that he has left the village for the city, no one knows his whereabout until the time he returns home. He returns to the village with his friend in a car, and her mother was happy to see him. He knows his father’s farmland and drove to the place

because he has no intention of spending three days at the village. When they got to the farmland, his father was happy to see him too, as he stopped his farm work and followed him to the village. At the village he narrated what he has passed through to his parents in the city,

how he started to learn mechanic, and freed, and has established his own work place, adding that he will soon be getting married and he will bring home his spouse soon. They were elated to hear this and prayed for him that God would continue to prosper his ways.

After they had discussed about him, then he asked about his sister, and they told him what she has passed through lately. Then he asked his parents if they can allow him to take her to the city, and there she will learn a trade, because everything has changed no one wants to be

married to a liability again. Their parents consented to him taken the lady to the city to learn a trade and perhaps get married there if the families of those people whose son has illegally put her in a family way fails to come and pay her dowry. She was elated to hear this

and was trying to pack her clothes into a basket, but her brother stopped her from doing that, telling her she does not need all those clothes because those clothes are village clothes they are not fashionable and he will buy new clothes for her when they get to the city. She

could not hide her joy when she hears this, knowing that her life would also changed from the village lifestyle to city lifestyle. She has been hearing about beautiful things about the city for a while, but she never thought she would be going to the city to live herself, what she has


been thinking about was that, maybe when she gives birth to children and her children grow up and they moved to the city they would be the ones who would move her to the city, she never knows that she will indeed be heading for the city herself one day. And now that

what she has not dreamt of happened to her, she could not hide her joy as she started jumping up and down, pacing around dancing without beat. She could barely sleep that night, even the sleep she slept, she dreamt of the city life, how she made friends there, how she

started walking like the city girls. She beautiful dream was cut short the following morning after the first cockcrow by her brother as he wakes her up that it is time for them to leave the island. The road that leads to the tarred road was not good and his brother had to

drive slowly as the move through hills and valleys on the road. This takes them about 80 minutes before they link the tarred road, the road that leads to the city. When they get to the tarred road the journey was better than the earlier one because their vehicle could move fast

unlike before when their vehicle is moving at the speed of a snail. However there are damaged spots on the tarred road which slows them down occasionally but it is better than the former road they have left. As they move, she started peeping from the window of the

vehicle seeing different buildings, cars that she has never seen before. She was elated that she could leave her village because the reproach on her has been removed, if her first love indeed wanted to marry her, he will work on himself, and be ready to pay her bride price, and

now the bride price may be changed because she will no longer be looked down upon but she will be looked up to and looked upon with more respect by her lover and his parents she reasoned. Soon they got to the city, and his brother drover her straight to a boutique where she bought seasoned clothes for her.