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How the Captive of The Mighty Was Delivered #1

It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...

Kofoworola Ogidi

Kofoworola Ogidi

Ancient Perspective About Girl Child in The Island

She was the second wife of her husband and gave birth to five children, one of which was a female while the others are males. Because she is the only female out of all her children she would not let her leave her sight for once, was pampering her and if anyone does anything to

the child she was ready to fight the person to a standstill. Because of her overtly protective nature of the girl child, the girl child could not finish her primary school education because whenever her teachers rebuke her in the school she will follow her to the school to fight with

the teachers of the school. As time goes by, she withdraws her daughter from the school, saying she is a girl and she does not need education like the male children because she would be married and leave for her spouse’s place, it is her spouse who will take care of her she told

her child. The girl too was very happy that she was stopped from going to school by her mother. Her father who comes home once a month because he was residing in the hamlet he has built in the farm, because the farmland was very far from the island and it would take a

journey of a day before getting home never knew what was happening and he did not bother to ask, for to him education is also not for girl children all those who are sponsoring girl children in school are just wasting their time, money and energy because all girl child

would end up going to someone else’s house, when they are married. This girl began to develop and soon developed striking female features, which made her attractive in the society. She was light complexioned, svelte, oval face, pointed breasts, curved legs, and

unlike many other teenagers in the village with spots all over their legs, her legs were spotless, which make some people within the village say maybe she is possessed, because to them it is only those who are not possessed who do not have spots on their legs. For

according to the belief of the people of the village, the demons possessing them would be driving off them the ants that bites people in the village thence making them spotless. However she has spotless legs and body because of the protection of her mother on her, she is


always inside with her mother, hardly leaves her. These features made her most appealing and attractive to opposite sex in the village. When the adult males started seeing her in the island, they started pursuing her, proposing to her. She eventually agrees to the proposal of

one of them. Some weeks after they started going out, they started having fun, and the fun resulted in pregnancy. The young man which she agrees to his proposal disturbingly has not work and was lazy. When her father discovers that she has taken in, he told her that he cannot

be feeding her with someone else’s pregnancy that she needs to move to her spouse’s house because any male who can have sex with a matured lady should be ready to accept the following consequences which of course is the pregnancy. She then forced her to move out of

his house. On getting to the young man’s house, his parents accepted her and started taking care of her and the pregnancy she was carrying for their son. She delivered safely, but before the baby could be christened, the baby died. The parents of the lady say the baby’s

death was because her parents do not consent to their marriage before. However, the lady in later years discovered that this was not true and that her first child has died from the complications of neonatal jaundice which neither her parents in-law nor people who have seen the

child when he was given birth to had experience of then. She cried and cried after the baby’s death. from what her parents in law have been saying, she moved back to her father’s house and told her spouse that if he indeed loves her and wants to marry her she should come

to her parents with his people and pay her bride price. The young man was pussyfooting with this, and it was during this period that the lady’s senior brother in one of the cities visited the village.


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