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How the Broken


When you want an explanation

Just look at my soulless eyes

For it tells so many reasons

That it taste bland even with a spice

For there's two in me

A beast who's roaring for freedom

And a dead angel which all can see

As craved in bones, the years of martyrdom

So why hang in the waning and coaxing reality

Which comes and goes with a frolic facade

Instead of the discreet reality

Where dreams flow in fluttery cascade.

Kill the pain

So many seasons changed

But the pain stays, scars never fade

That I almost forgot, theres no summer in my life

Only fall and winter, where all's dull and cold.

The tick tock of the clock

Beats with the ryhtmm of the broken heart

They've said that I have a matured

But they don't really know how i cry.

I can see through those fake smiles,

But just keep on pretending, hoping for another chance

And I rather take the pills and embrace it's side effects

Or a dozen bottle of wine to ease the pain for a day.

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