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How Should We Celebrate Friendship Day?

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Friendship isn't just about...

Insulting, teasing and cracking silly jokes


Giggling together and laughing on others

Its also about

Sharing little and huge things

Caring genuinely when they're weak

It's about supporting each other to grow

It's about being with them when they feel low

It's not just about how much you communicate

But about listening whenever they need to talk

It's about helping them without them knowing

It's about loving their weirdness, without showing

Its when you never break each other's trust

and apologize without hesitation if you make them hurt

Friendship is not just about wishing 'Happy Friendship Day'

But it's like every day and every time you are together should be like friendship day, where you enjoy and cherish each other's presence.


Friendship is not just about late-night parties

But about late-night deep conversations

It's not just about helping financially

But about succoring emotionally

Friendship isn't just when you know them from many years

But about who entered life and never left your side

Its not just about gifts and formalities

but about creating unforgettable memories

It's not only making fun of each other

but strengthening each other's life

Real Friendship is a beautiful combination of childish behaviour and maturity together, lucky are those who have got the real ones in their life.