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How He Was Saved From Embarrassment After the Lockdown #4

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Some rich people may have been pursuing a business for a while and it would seem as if

The business would not click. The business may click at the last hour, which would require

That the person pays additional charges, he may have taken loan from banks for pursuing the

Business at the inception and would have used up all his collateral, now that new

Opportunity has opened, and he cannot take additional loans from the banks, he may want

To sell some of his properties to get the project executed. And when the people see that

Such person is in dire need of money, they will price the property he wants to sell at

Any amount and when the person knows that what he stands to gain at on the business is

More, he will decide to sell the property ridiculously cheap. Oh! I see. On another note

You know many of the children of the wealthy people are not well trained, there have

Instances when some of the rich people’s children are complicit in some terrible things in

The society. When the news of such gets to those people and they do not want their names

Tarnished in the society they will want to stop the case at all cost, and in doing this they

May need to sell some of their properties off to raise money for that incident, and when that

Happens and people have seen that they are desperate to get the money, people will say,

They have closed the door on their fingers and would price the goods at a ridiculously

Low prices which they will be ready to accept just to clear their names and in some cases it

May even be that when they wanted to pay bank loans, they will have to sell those properties

Because they know when the bankers come for those properties they will even reduce the

Price further, to avoid a complete loss, they will be ready to accept the ridiculously low price

That the properties have been bade for by the buyers. Now, I understand. And many of

Such properties we have access to, this is why many of my clients would send money to

Me that I should help them get such properties when such people have suddenly banged the

Door on their fingers and they are in pains. Such don’t come often, and thence, I used to tell

My clients that they will need to exercise patience. In the recent times due to the

Pandemic and the economic meltdown, many of my clients have not been able to get such

Offer this equally is affecting me. It is one of the cheap ways of getting properties but it

Requires patient. Anyone who will do this must not be in a hurry. Because such deals do

Come like a flip of the fingers, it does not last long. That means if I am interested in such deal

I will have a standby money, and or must have sent the money into your account so that when

There is an opening like that, it would not elude me. You are very correct! The barrister

Responded. After taken their drinks, the barrister and his visitor left the office for the some

Of their friends’ places in the island. They were all elated to see him for he has not seen some

Of them since they graduated from the university. They shared momentous times

Together. It is always wonderful meeting with old colleagues. One of their friends has

Become a transporter with many offices all over the republic. He never knows this until

The barrister takes him to his office, and after seeing him and he told him that he is

Leaving for his island, the man phoned one of the drivers plying his route that he should

Reserve a seat for one person. They barrister takes him to the place after seeing their friend

That was how he was transported back to his place of residence. Then he concludes from

That day onward that if he does not have a to-and-fro money till God blesses him, he will

Never embark on a trip again to avoid embarrassment because people would not understand

Apart from that many of his friends also expect that he would have exceed some certain

Stages and it will not be good to become a beggar before them stooping so low for not all of

Them would understand with him.


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