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How He Was Saved From Embarrassment After the Lockdown #3

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It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


While they continued to talk, he told him that he has not replied whether he would like to

Take Cocoa product or he would like to take coffee as he has stated. I know I have not replied

You because I am yet to be through with the quotation. Alright, go ahead the lawyer replied,

As he pressed a button and the secretary enters, please, for now I am busy and if anyone

Calls do not give the person appointment for me today because my friend and I will soon be

Going out. Yes sir, the secretary replied as he asks her to boil water for him because he will

Be taken his tea. As the secretary leaves, his friend continues as he says, you have quoted

That you have left childish behavior, is taken coffee childish behavior then? He laughed and

Replied him that taken coffee is not childish behavior what I meant by the quote is that, when

We were young, we sheepishly followed some people to do what they are doing, we

Imitate many people, but now that I am alone, and have come of age, I hardly copy people

Again, I do things according to the knowledge that I have not doing it to satisfy anyone.

Oh! I see, he replies as the lawyer continues, I have read many of the papers of the

Nutritionists of how good Cocoa tea is for the heart and therefore, I decide that instead of

Taken coffee, I need to be proactive, I need to protect my heart, because a health heart will

Help my thinking faculty because my work has to do with the brain, and if my heart is

Neither healthy nor my vessels, the blood being supplied to my brain would be reduced

Which would indubitably affect my reading, defense, and presentation at the court of law,

I would not be able to defend my clients well before the jurists. I trust you know that

What makes a lawyer relevant is when he continues to win cases, immediately a lawyer

Starts fumbling he will be pushed to the background while the clients will be embracing

Polly Put the Kettle On | Fun Tea Party for Kids

Other lawyers. It is the same in all disciplines, his friend adds, it is better not to get to

The top than getting to the top and not be able to maintain one’s status or position at the

Echelon post one has gotten to. In business too when one has been known in what one is

Selling one needs to be improving on it, and should do all within his reach to prevent

Plummeting from the echelon position. Life is all about growth and maintenance. Then he

Says he would also like to take cocoa tea as the secretary knocks at the door and brings in the

Boiled water and they made cocoa tea in the office. While drinking the tea, they

Continued with their discussion on the perspective of the people of the island about the

Coronavirus and had said they do not believe in it, that the leaderships of the island are

Using them to make money, because people have believed that, it is how good they are

In inflating the numbers of people who have been affected that would make the world union

To send money to the republic. They have been hearing of several millions that have been

Sent to the island but they are yet to see the impact on the common people. Whereas the

People of the advanced climes have done well in ensuring that the suffering of the

Commoners are alleviated, several things have been done to cushion the effect of the

Lockdown on the people, but in our republic far be it from our leaderships, he said.

It is a sorry case, the barrister replies him. He told him that prior this time many of his clients

Used to send money to him that in case he sees anyone who wants to dispose plots of land

That he will help them to buy such lands at cheaper rate. How could that be, the man asks

Him, you know, in life different things happen at different times. Sometimes what we do not

Expect would happen do happen to us and when such happens to us, we shall look for means

Of resolving such condition. As poor people experience such conditions, so do rich

People too.


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