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How He Was Saved From Embarrassment After the Lockdown #2

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As the secretary has stated the complex where the office of the lawyer was situated was

Not far from his friend’s office, within two minutes he has trekked to the place and on

Looking up he could see the banner of the chamber of his friend, it is situated on the second

Floor of the five-story building. When he climbed to his office he meets the secretary at

The entrance and some people who he later got to know to be clients of his lawyer friend at

The waiting room waiting for his friend. He asked for his friend and the secretary replies that

He was discussing with some of the lawyers who were under him. He asks him to take

A seat that his friend is the one those people sitting down are equally waiting to see, that

When he is through with the lawyers he will attend to them all because he has no case that

Day. As he has stated, after he finished with his lawyers, he strolled out to see those who

Want to see him and apologized to them for he is discussing important matter with his

Lawyers on seeing his friend he walks to him embraced him, and asks him to please give

Him time to attend to his clients after which he will have time for him. After seeing his

Clients who are about five in number he asks him in, and again stands to embrace him stating

That he would have called him. He apologized for not calling him, for he has been thinking

Of paying him a visit for long even before the lockdown, but he was unable to do that

Because he used to travel to buy to other islands where companies are to get the goods he

Will sell, and when he was planning to come, the coronavirus has been detected in the island

After which lockdown was issued, that was what changed his plans of coming to see him

As he has planned. They started sharing different experiences about the coronavirus

Pandemic and how it has negatively affected different things in the society and they also

Discussed what the latest announcement of the World Health Body that the government

Of each island should be careful of easing the lockdown fully but should do it bit by bit to

Avoid second wave of the virus which according to the statisticians working for the World

Tea Song

Health Body, the reports of other medical personnel all over the globe and the inability

Of the sciences and the researchers to discover drugs and or vaccine that could be used

Against the virus, they are of the opinion that this may take a longer time than have been

Anticipated before the virus be dealt with among the humans. As they continued with

Their discussions, he asks his friend if he would like to take tea, for he usually takes some

Cocoa tea in the afternoon as it has been stated by the nutritionists that Cocoa is good for

The heart. His friend has told him that but when they were in the University he

Remembers that what he likes to take is coffee. The lawyer smiled and said, when you know

One of the greatest apostles of all times says, when I was a child, I spake as a child, I

Understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away

Childish things. After saying this, he replied him that him and quotations, anyway that

Is the characteristics of lawyers, that is part of the reasons why I could study law, I am not

Good in memorizing things at all. In memorization tests when we were in High School,

I could barely score 40 percent, but in other things I will exceed others. My mother had

Wanted me to be a lawyer because she hates people being cheated and she has told me to

Go for law but when I told her that I cannot, she understands with me and that was how I

Studied Business Administration in the University. Well, it is good for you, as the elders used

To say, one ought to be known with what one is doing. You have gone into your field and I

Am glad for you, though things are not as it ought to be with you now, but I strongly

Believe that with time, things would level up for you and there is every possibility for you

To overcome many others who you and people are thinking have overtaken you. He said

Note Bible Quotation

1 Corinthians 13:11


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