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How He Was Saved From Embarrassment After the Lockdown #1

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One of his friends was a reputable lawyer in the island, he has been used by defending

The naïve people when they rich people want to cheat them, and because he has gotten good

Track records, many people have made him their lawyer. He has a good office at the central

Business Hub of the island. He has gone to the Central Business Hub to see someone, but

On getting to the person’s office he has been told that he has left for an important meeting

With the leadership of the island by his secretary. He told the secretary that he was the one

Who gave him the appointment to come at that time, the secretary replied him that, his

Master has received a call that he needs to attend the meeting about thirty minutes ago and

In the message faxed to him urgent has been stated on the message. That was why he could

Not wait behind, in fact the people who have been around then he could not attend to them

And apologized that they should come back, the secretary has told him. He was sad to hear

This story, he could not blame his friend for leaving without leaving contact him for since the

Meeting has been an urgent one, he may have forgotten completely that he had a meeting

With him too, he reasoned within himself, but he has borrowed money to travel to the Central

Business Hub, for since the lockdown has been eased things have return to normalcy for

Those who are Micro-Scale-Business people in the island, and according to World Bank

And International Monetary Fund documentations things will continue for a while like this

Because of the second wave of the virus that is been noticed all over the world. He has had

It in mind that his friend whom he has appointment with, when he sees him he will ask

“His Aaron and Hur” to lift up his Moses hands during this pandemic period because he has

Different links with the leaderships of the island, and he will be receiving sitting allowances

Sky Ferreira - "Everything is Embarrassing" (Official Music Video)

Amongst other allowances that he will be given by the leadership of the island for seeing

To the governance of the island. How would he return to his island now, since in the his

Secretary cannot even state when he will be returning to the office again that is if he returns

At all, according to him sometimes when he leaves for an adhoc meeting like this he may

Not even return to the office again and they will meet the following day. As he was thinking

On how to negotiate the tortuous bend then he remembered that one of his university friends

Who is a lawyer and has been called to bar had told him sometimes back when they

Stumbled across each at the market square that his office is at the central Business Hub of

The island, he remembered the description vividly and asks from the secretary of how far

The place is to where he is, and the secretary told him that the complex he was asking of

Is about five minutes’ walk from the man’s office. On hearing this he heaves a sigh of relieve

And decides to try his luck out to see if he can meet with his university friend, now a lawyer

In His office. He thanked the secretary, and stands to his feet to leave the office of his

Friend, his mind has been submerged in internal petition to the Lord that his lawyer friend

Would not have left for court too that day. Whichever it is, even if he has left for the court

He reasoned that he would have to wait for him after he has located his office because it

Is certain that he will not use the entire day at the court premises that day, more so that the

Time that they will be using at the court premises have been reduced according to the

Announcement that has been issued by the Chief Justice of the island which is made

Available to the press so that those who have cases at different courts within the island will

Also know that jurists and lawyers are also humans and they need to take proactive measures

Against the deadly virus that has taken the world by storm.

Note: Bible Reference

Exodus 17:12


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