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How Do You Feel When You Lose a Pet?

Sanikay is a business owner and author who has obtained a degree in Business Studies. She currently has 2 cats but wished she had more.

Cleah and her kitten

Cleah and her kitten

A poem for my cat

I was so chirpy that day, maybe more bubbly than I normally was.

Didn’t know I wouldn’t come home to you as I always did.

I started to panic when I heard you went missing.

I started to wonder if you could have really left, without saying goodbye.

I knew you were very moody; sometimes not in the mood to talk.

But you would never do that to me. Maybe you just went for a walk.

A tear rolled down my eye as I looked all over for you.

My face was downcast, lost, without hope.

Was this a tragedy with which I could cope?

No….I told myself. It could never be you.

It must have been your twin, but no….not you.

It pained my heart to hear all the blatant lies.

If the stupid could see through it all-how much more so the wise!

I looked at your body….but I couldn’t bear the pain.

You had been laying there all this time, cold and wet, in the rain.

There was always something special about you; unique in every single way.

I was always so amazed, to look at you every day.

You were very health-conscious- drinking water was a must!

You were a mentor to your younger sibling and that was definitely a plus.

You were obedient; never going beyond the boundaries we would set.

Persistent and courageous-anything you wanted you could get.

I’m happy for all the wonderful memories that we shared

There was never once a doubt in your mind as to whether or not I cared.

You will be truly missed by all. I am so sorry we had to part.

You will forever be my Cleo, my Cleah, Clea Clea…my heart.

© 2020 Sanikay McCalpin


Sanikay McCalpin (author) on March 14, 2020:

It's really painful ☹️

Lison Molina on March 14, 2020:

So sad, i can't imagine how it would be to loose my pet!

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