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How do I Love You?

As a young poetic. I have a feeling that all of us have an experience of tragic love.

Love tree

Love tree

How do I love you, let me know the way

I love you to this far, I love you to this height

My soul can't go any far, when I see you out of sight

For you there is end of misery and beginning of hope

My love increases daily

Most needed by the earth and the sky

I freely live you, as men look for love

I purely love you, as they learn how to praise

I love you with passion

In my old misery, and childish memories

I love you with the love I was about to waste

With all my lost glory, I love you to the last breath

Cherish, tears, and sorrows of my life

And if Allah allows, I shall love you more after death.

Poem by Ian Muiruri

© 2020 Ian Muiruri

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