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Hurt, Sadness and Other stuffs

Hi! I write poetry, related or not to my life. So enjoy reading!


Short Poems

She could be your missing piece. She could be the one. Yet you have taken her for granted. Now she's someone 'The One'. ♥ You feel as though she can't handle you. But really, It was you who couldn't handle her. ♥ Yesterday may not be the time, today may not be also, tomorrow? we don't know for sure. Perhaps yes? but I am done hoping. ♥ Even though the universe was against it, I am hoping at another shot still. But I know I can't have that anymore. So I'm investing my time to this new love. ♥ "Are you sure that we are never gonna work out? Like ever?", she said. "Yep" was all he had said. And it was enough for me to breakdown and cry. ♥ You were planning on spending your entire life with me. I guess love is truly blind. Blind from the reality that we are really, not meant to be together. ♥ The wounds are deep from the battles I've fought by myself. You were not there fighting with me. You just stood there, watching. As I was oozing out hurt and sadness from the battle we had caused. ♥ The thing about her was that, she never left your side when you were in times of need. and she prayed that maybe, just maybe you would have done the same thing for her. But alas, she was the only one helping herself. Because you left. ♥ I felt safe. Safe with you. Stronger with you. But now, I am safe. Still safe without you. And more stronger without you.