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How a Single Senior Gentleman Found True Love With His Feline Companion.. a Poem About an Exceptional Relationship.

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Observations of a woman who has found the Joy of Cats as she witnessed this gift develop between her friend and his rescued cat.

In dedication to Richard and Dexter the beloved feline friend


What a wonderful life I lived…

With sweet concern and the love you shared

My life was lived without a care

My needs were met without a doubt

With permission you gave me to roam about

Through your friend urged that you keep me “in”

To you, that would have been a sin

And though you knew the dangers there

To deprive me freedom you could not bear

I hope you know how much I thrived

As I basked in the wonder of being alive

In the selfless way you allowed my choice

To wander and explore; to have a “voice.”

Through years we shared companionship

The ups and downs of this rollercoaster trip

I depended on you; you protected me

An unusual bond few others believe

AM hours of quiet reverie

Watching the night as only I could see

Tail held high as I experienced the night

A gift you consented to my delight

Enlivened by the mystery

In the happiness of discovery

The world is mine to taste and explore

What fortunate cat could ask for more?

Oh, wonder of the sidewalk and midnight street

Was something I loved and made life complete

You shared this special time with me

An exciting magic that few others see

I spy you in the window above

Your face is filled with unconditional love

You’re amazed that I know where you’ll appear

But, as your steps approach, I can easily hear

I surprise you when you seek my face

As I return your glance from my comfortable place

I know you are watching over me

As I enjoy this life, a life so free. (And I am so thankful for this)

I used to sleep in your special car

Or under the house or in the backyard

Above the shed on the concrete wall

These were my ‘haunts;’ I loved them all

How fortunate can a “stray” cat be

You came to the shelter….you rescued me

You could have picked any other one

But you chose me…our story had begun

And for so long a time, you provided the best

What other cat could be so blessed?

It is important you realize that I knew…

What my life would have been without you.

I’d look at you with a silent gaze

I knew you understood throughout our days

A friendship that spanned for such a long time

Yet gone too soon, dear friend of mine

Now in the quiet of night, when there is no other sound

Be ever aware that I will come around

I’ll find comfort beside you as it has always been

A man and his cat; a forever friend.

So please, please know that I am always near

Alive in your heart, and felt by your tears

But know, please know that this isn’t the end….

And we will always be together…

Now and again.

Dear Richard,

A beautiful and valuable life has passed on to the next; as some say, “graduated to the next life…” I know this loss and I am right there with you in feelings and understanding of how significant this loss is. Lots of love and good memories and funny stories are and will always be a huge part of honoring a life well loved and well lived. Remembering DEXTER, a one of a kind beloved cat…”Where is the ‘little cat?’ He is concurrently in Heaven and with you…this is the magic and mystery of God.

RIP sweet boy

RIP sweet boy

© 2022 Kathy

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