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What Is Worthier, Ambition Or Fear?


What Is Worthier, Ambition Or Fear?

What Is Worthier, Ambition Or Fear?

What Is Worthier, Ambition Or Fear?

The world would upbraid,

Would make you feel afraid.

Would make you believe that the road ahead,

Is full of danger and dread.

Would you change your course?

And allow their mind to lead your mind by the nose?

You will move on or that path you will leave,

All depends on, in whom and what you believe.

The loudest voice,

Would become your choice.

What you hold dearer, your goal or the obstacle,

Will decide whether you will reach the pinnacle or face a debacle.

Victorious would be your ambition,

Or mightier would be your inhibition?

By whom would the other be overpowered,

What would be stronger, your fear or fervour?

What is more important and mightier, that you will choose.

It will decide whether you will win or lose.


Shalini Jadhvani (author) from India on December 17, 2019:

Thanks a lot Brenda for passing by. Best wishes.

BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on December 16, 2019:

It is difficult to know which way one might turn until it happens.

I imagine at first one would feel fear but eventually would change their course.


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