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How Wonderful It Will Be To Set A Caged Bird Free!


It was given the best of all things. It was provided with the tastiest meal, water from the most rarest fountain, and was even placed in the most exotic location of the entire house.

Yet it was not happy as it was not meant for that.

It’s colourful wings never got to know how far and high they could rise in the sky.

It’s beaks never knew how wonderful it feels to capture small insects and enjoy the feast.

It’s eyes never got to see the beauty of the world.

It never in its entire life got to be with its fellow birdmates, who are fortunate to spread their wings and fly across the sky !

So I say, how wonderful it will be to set a caged bird free.

The owners of the bird may shower so much love on that little bird , they keep it so protected that they are afraid of any external danger that might cause harm to their beautiful pet.

They are worried that their bird would not be able to withstand the harshness of this earth.

Or they are just afraid that their bird would leave them and fly away!

But it's heart breaking that they don't realise the desire of the bird to fly and explore God’s creation.

Truly how wonderful it will be to set a caged bird free.

Comparison is a bad thing but from the perspective of caged Bird, things get even worse.

Even though these cute little creatures try to make themselves feel happy by focusing on the things they love, sometimes the cruelty of the real situation strikes them like an iron rod and fills their heart and their eyes with tears. It’s fragile heart breaks every time it’s flight is stopped by the rods of the cage.

How wonderful it will be to set a caged bird free !

The bird now stays inside the golden cage, constantly telling itself that one day it will get an opportunity to realise it’s dreams!

One good day will definitely arrive when the wings which has now lost its ability to fly, will once again gain the power to fly up above the sky so high that it’s entire self will be brimming with pride!

With hopes so high, a heart filled with so many desires and a mind full of plans to execute, this poor little creature still stays inside the cage.

How wonderful it will be to set a caged bird free!

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