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How We Pray - A Poem of Togetherness

Poetry is the food of the soul. It's my greatest contribution to the world and an area I can always grow.


How We Pray…

Are we really so different?
Voices from around the world
Customs, language, clothes
Hopes and dreams
All symptoms of being human

And yet spiritually, the same
We seek self-improvement
For ourselves and for others
And when we pray
We do it the same way

Bow our heads in humility
Opening our hearts and souls
Speaking with ease to a higher power
The words are certainly different
But the messages are the same

We ask for health and healing
Safety, guidance, and freedom
Child well-being and the elderly
Sometimes prosperity for ourselves
Good things for others too

Heal our pain and give us strength
No more diseases or weakness
Ample food and fresh clean water
End the conflicts so we can sleep with ease
And watch our children blossom

Help our neighbors
Feed the poor
Stop the bombings
Please just stop the wars
Just stop it all !

Seems we’ve found
That common ground
No one thought was there.
Could be because
We weren’t looking

Our Gods may differ
Our doctrines too
Robes, garments, sacred objects
Holy places everywhere
Nearly everything unique

Except the common ground
That we keep praying
Seeking wisdom
That higher message
And a loving feeling

© 2021 Ralph Schwartz