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How We Can Make Things Fantastic

Add A Quarter Cup Of Sugar And Two Teaspoons Of Yeast

Don't we wish life was that easy?

Every day would be sweet and rising to the top

Instead, we have to work at it

Sometimes we have to let the little mistakes and things

Slide right by

They are not worth the trouble

Helping other people who have given us so much

They never even expect anything in return

So even more reason to do things to make their day better

An unexpected visit or a surprise hello

Fresh fruit can always be a nice gift

Picking up fresh strawberries at the store

Maybe even a watermelon that looked good

Because you thought it was something they would like

People rush around day to day

Mother's Day is a day no one can argue or deny

Mothers everywhere deserve lots of credit

They spend their whole life raising their children

Loving them every chance they get

Hope their children become the best version of themselves

Always supporting them when they need it the most

There is a bond that lasts forever

Even when our parents are no longer with us

We are reminded of all the good they have done

Over the years we have had our fights and disagreements

Wondering if we would ever see eye to eye

I think deep down we probably knew our mother was right

We were either too stubborn or couldn't be wrong

So we had to hold our ground

Years later we see an error in our ways

Our mother knew it would take time

We would finally come around

I sit here swallowing my pride

Loving my mom for being so special

Loving my dad for finding someone so sweet

Enjoying a relaxing day

Going out to eat with my family

Watching mothers do what they do best

Loving their children

In ways, no one will ever forget

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