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How To Turn Dirty Laundry Into Motivation

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See It For What It Is

A pile of clothes that we have worn

One that is no use to us

Unless we wash and dry them

The clothes can have so many uses over time

Can you imagine if our clothes were disposable like diapers?

A one time use

Think of all the waste in the world

So instead of putting it off for one more day

It is time to tackle the dirty clothes before the pile grows any bigger

We can make up so many reasons not to

Let us start with all the reasons to say yes

It makes us feel good

When we can see something clean and neat

The smell is beautiful

The basket high of clothes has disappeared

I wish we could say gone for good

That is not going to happen

As our work week continues so will all the clothes we have to wear

Once and awhile we can wear a pair of shorts,pants or even a shirt again

If we didn't do much

For the few hours that we put it on

We may be watched t.v. or sat around

Did they really get all that dirty?

I always put my underwear in the wash

Most of the time my socks

Work clothes a must

Dress clothes I hang them up for a second time

Well there is nothing left to do

Except let the washing machine do its thing

Then let the dryer take over

All I have to do is get the first step in motion

I separate the clothes in three sometimes four piles

My wife's clothes

My work clothes

Our underwear and towels

Then let the soap and water do its magic

I am so happy I didn't live before 1908

Where they had no automatic washing machines

A drum typed tub and electric motor

I am sure it is a far cry from what I have today

People complain about how bad people are today

Lots of ideas good and bad have to come over time

If you didn't have these cool inventions from incredible people

Then we wouldn't have the luxuries we so enjoy

We can't have one without the other

Nobody ever wants to remember the good only the bad

I don't get it

It's like remembering payday without knowing all the hard work that made it possible

In every writing, there are flaws and what could be many problems that come up

Instead of focusing on all the obstacles

Writer's find a way

They learn to persevere

This is not only to finish the writing we started

It, more importantly, prepares us for life

We can just drop it and move on

There is a better choice

Keep at it until it is done

At least to satisfaction we can be happy with

Then we can always look back and make improvements

We can also admire what we were trying to do

Accomplish something we never did before

Take a unique look at life

Tie it in with a big dose of reality

Then make fun of ourselves in the process

That can bring humor to the most difficult situations

With our new-found wealth of knowledge and self-pride

We can go on with our day

Make it crystal clear at least for a while

Then back to the dirty laundry pile we go

An endless cycle that isn't as bad as it looks

Each time it gives us a new opportunity

Not only to appreciate today

But all the years that led up to this moment

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