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How to Translate What I See to What I Feel

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Not An Easy Task

Why do I even attempt it

Because it is the next thought on my mind

I am not sure if I will ever know the answer

All I do know is I feel better that I have tried

I know my emotions are all over the place

Mostly good but far different

From the really extreme highs

To just feeling alright

When I do get depressed

I like to think of it as down

I dig deep into my mind and find

If I am too serious I get easily frustrated and tense

If I relax and clown around

I have some fun finding out something about myself I never knew before

I know it sounds crazy and a little bit ridiculous but it is true

Even if my problem isn't solved completely

I am o.k. with it

I went to bed last night and haven't written in a few days

My thoughts have been just enjoying my last couple of days off

When we are busy doing something we get caught up in the moment

Not always sure what we have done

Maybe don't ever record it on paper

Then the memory fades in with all our other memories

One day it might resurface for an unknown reason

I like to think it was time

Then again it might be lost forever

Tonight I was awaken by our cat Charlotte

She is the rebel in the family

She claws at our bed and even nips at me when I am in a deep sleep

Then I wake up and try to calm her down

She refuses to go to sleep

The time is a little after five in the morning

Way too early for me to get up

I can't sleep because my cat won't let me

I keep thinking she is trying to tell me something

I don't know what

I do the obvious

Check to see if she needs food or water

Even go as far as to clean out her cat box

That is a smell I don't want to smell when first waking up

Neither of those things needed my attention

My cat Charlotte wanted me to pay attention to her

To stop what I was doing

I sit on the computer and pull up a chair next to me

Charlotte comes up and sits right down

She wouldn't do it when I was in bed I want to remind you

I pat her for a few minutes

Off to sleep she goes

Not even awake yet

I begin to type

A new story comes to light

I wouldn't have written it

If it wasn't for her

These thoughts weren't even on my mind

All I clearly wanted is rest

Now that I have been typing for the past hour and a half

I am going to give sleep one more try

Off to bed

In the background I can hear a truck

The neighbors car start

Off to work so many people go

I work nights

So I dream while you work

I work while you dream

A trade off and I am not sure who gets the best deal

Maybe it's equal

Happiness anyway we look at it

Have a good day at work for those who have to go to their early morning jobs

Dream awesome dreams for those who are like me

Who are still sleeping and getting some much needed rest

So later we can take on the world

Well that is a really big over exaggeration

How about enjoying our tiny bit of our life we see and feel

Sharing it with others

So we all can love life in small ways

Throughout the world

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