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How To Take The Bore Out Of Boredom

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There Is Not A Day That Goes By

That I don't see people bored out of their minds

I don't get it

I think back to when I was young

There was always something to do

We made our own fun

Nobody had to entertain us

It was up to us

To have good time

Then as we got older

It was even easier

Now we had to work and college to deal with

So less time

It was a bigger challenge

So we squeezed in all we could

On our days off

If we even had one

Then when we got older

We were done with college

There comes the second part-time job

Making a little extra money

So we could do something

When we had the time

So in my mind

I was always planning

Today for tomorrow

Tomorrow for next week

Next week for next month

Next month for next year

There is not one time

That I can remember

That I don't want to do



When I was given the time

If I didn't have the money

I dreamed for the day that I did

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