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How To Succeed When There Are Roadblocks In The Way

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Don't Just Talk The Talk

Do whatever it takes

You have to walk the walk

Nobody can come to your help

This is something you have to figure out on your own

When you come up with ideas

Write them down

Don't rule out anything

You would be surprised how ideas start to take shape

Over time you can see your thoughts constantly changing

It is o.k.

It is all part of the process

You are afraid

The butterflies got the best of you

Your tired and our mentally exhausted

Get some needed rest

You will feel refreshed

Other days you will be physically wiped out

Your body needs time to refuel

A good long sleep will help

Don't worry nothing is lost

Actually, so much more is gained

Write, write, write

Like you have never written before

Stop listening to the nay Nellies of the world

Time to turn the other cheek

Look up into the sky and see how beautiful it is

Look at the mountains and the sun

You are smack right in between

All the greatest wonders of the world

Now it is time to start acting like it

Don't make excuses

Look for ways that work

If one way doesn't float

It's time to get a rubber ducky

That you will find it impossible to sink

There is no better time than now

I repeat

There is no better time than now

In the past, you have a horrid record

Now it is time to change that

Take away the h and make it a t

You are on your way

Take away the o and make it an e

Change the d to an f

The first time in my life I want an f instead of a d

Now here is the easy part

Add an ic

No need to panic

I know there were a lot of changes

In the end

Look what we have

In the past, you have had a terrific record

Now with that under your belt

How do you feel?

Amazing, and full of endless amounts of energy


Because now you have confidence

You have a whole history of success

Why should now be any different

You change the past

You can change the future

Once again people will tell you that is crazy

You can't change what has already happened

What is done is done

Over and Finished

You can't go back

At least that's what they want you to believe

I say they are all wrong

I am going to show you how

I am not a physicist and or scientist

Not even a magician

What I am is a dreamer

So without a moment to waste

We are going to use our imagination

Our God given talents

To create the impossible

If you are like me and tired of people saying no it can't be done

Tell them to stick it in their hat

And by chance, they don't have one

Tell them to go buy one

By changing our past in our mind

We will have nothing in our way

Smooth sailing

O.k. not that easy

Some rough seas

So there it is folks

Take it or leave it and weep

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