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How To Rise Above A Hard Time

Ravi Rajan is a software program director who writes on varied subjects from history, archaeology to leadership and writing techniques

How To Rise Above A Hard Time

How To Rise Above A Hard Time

Everything in Life Is a Chance

Jeanette Winterson once rightly said.

“In the space between chaos and shape, there was another chance.”

Truth be told, when hard times hit, and the challenges you face are great, you can either let your situation destroy you or let it strengthen you. You can either take the chance and rise above all odds or get buried under the chaos and self-pity The choice is yours to make.

Here are some haikus that might inspire you to take a chance and rise above hard times.

Rise Above Pain

I rise above pain,
the stars become bright again.
Cool winds return back.

Rise Above Negativity

There is nothing left,
this miserable winter.
yet I have everything.

Rise Above Fear

Muddy fear curtain.
looking beyond its dark folds,
red chrysanthemums.

Rise Above Weakness

My roof leaks badly.
The torrid rains confirmed it.
I fixed it today.

Rise Above Shame

A tree in autumn
without any leaf or flower.
Should it be ashamed?

© 2022 Ravi Rajan

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