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How To Mix Our Happiness Into Our Day

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Taking What We Do

Mixing it with what we already know

Like making our own hit song

We all know the words

When we arrange them in a certain order

They speak louder than before

They talk to us

As if the song was written for us

In reality, many people feel the same way

We like to think it is a personal experience

It can be also a shared moment in time

Where so many have been

Now we can all love it again and again

I love when my wife and I are off from work

We make the most of our day

Doing all the regular things that have to get done

Food shopping and car appointments

Then there is part of the day

That gives us real joy

A feeling of togetherness

Bonding on a beautiful level

Finding so much joy

In seeing each other laugh

Not just hoping

But finding ways of creating that fun

Racing out of the brutal hot heat

Turning up the air conditioner full blast

Drinking water that we forgot to keep out of the heat of the sun

Warm and telling each other

We won't do that again

Even though we have done it

So many times in the past

Playing with our cat Charlotte

Patting her when she loves it the most

Talking about our day

Fixing meals when we get hungry

Each helping the other

Letting all the joy from one moment blend into the next

When this day is done

We know we did all we can

To make our life special

Like a river that flows far and wide

It always goes in one direction

Even though it can go from side to side