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How To Make A Dream Come True

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Dream, Dream And Dream Bigger Dreams

Most people will tell you a dream they have had once in their life

What people won't tell you

Is how to make that dream possible?

They will tell you everything they remember

They will tell you even things they forgot

How exciting it was

How real it felt

How the impossible became possible

Then again they don't know how it happened?

Why it happened?

Many people will say they hoped it will happen again

This memory will live in their minds and hearts forever

If you are one of the fortunate people

That happened to hear or is quick to listen

To other people talk about their dreams

Thank the people for sharing it with you

They might tell you more

It is time to dream your best dream

These so called dreams make our life so incredible

So amazing

So exceptional

Even though we still know little or nothing about dreams years later

We might have even picked up a huge book on dreams

Thumbed through it

Then after a few days read some more

Maybe even a month later read a little more

Then over time forget what we have read

Still curious but out of sight

The book goes on the shelf

It sits there

Pages and pages filled with so much information

Sometimes too much to handle

To unbelievable

We are left with more questions than answers

If only?

How does it really work?

Can I believe my eyes?

Did this really happen?

What is the meaning of my dreams?

There are so many different variations

It is not one dream one way

There are so many variables to consider

To find out years later

We are back where we started

I propose a different approach

Dream because we love to dream

Put no restrictions or rules to follow

Our first dream came to us unexpected

So many more will come just that way

It was so good

Why do we have to put limits on ourselves

Creativity is a wonderful thing

It inspires us

In all directions

Over time we can follow

Then see where we go from there

It motivates us to get up and go

To live our life to the fullest

Enriching our life in so many ways

Getting the most out of every moment

We can let the love and happiness drive us

There you have it

A limitless life

With dreams that will come back more vivid and clearer than before

The secret is

This is what you all have been waiting for

Is go to sleep

Get the rest your body needs and enjoys

When you sleep your mind never stops

Before bed say I want to have the most amazing dreams

I love to dream

I am going to dream tonight

These dreams I want to remember the next day

Try this just before going to bed

It can be a few minutes

Just before you go off to sleep

I have done it only for seconds

Night after night

I have remembered more dreams than ever before

Be patient

Give it two weeks

I think my dreams keep getting better and better

When I wake up

I write them down

For some reason the dreams I have slowly disappear

Some instantly or very quickly

Even though I think they will be around forever

I even take little cat naps in the afternoon

I find I dream with them too

It is amazing what our minds can do

I am no medical doctor

I don't know all the here and why's

I do know I have never felt better

I plan on dreaming my life away

Now to take that dream and make it something more

That is a little more complicated

Let's start with this

Then I will guide you on my next step

Once again these are ways that have only worked well for me

If you find a better way

Please share

Then maybe I can learn something new too

Have a good night

Dream On


Don't be surprised if the dreams keep coming

What we really want out of life?

Could be only a dream away

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