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How to Find the Time

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In the Past

You were always supportive

Even up to yesterday

You tried to help someone else

Giving them an opportunity of a lifetime

Everyone looking at you

Like you have two heads

They have a lot more of experience and money

If anyone can make it happen

You knew they would be the ones

Never giving yourself the confidence and faith

Always letting the skeltons in the closet

Get the best of you

In the past your track record was poor

Everything you tried

Never seemed to make it

It is like you are under a dark cloud

Wherever you go it is going to rain

You are over looked for raises and promotions

Not because you don't disserve it

It is because they can

Meanwhile, someone less deserving gets it

Somehow it is once again your fault

For not speaking up

You know if you spoke up

You could cause waves and rock the boat

Then the same people who should help you

Make life a living hell

Once again you are reminded

Not to speak up

Not to people what you really think

Because they don't want to hear it

Even if it is true

The unheard of

Silent and unwritten rules

So instead you become a follower

Not a leader

You think a lot

Dream more than anyone

Have endless energy when others slowly fade

You have found ways to create your own desire

Fulfill your dreams in your mind

Keep living in a fantasy world

Building up your hopes and plans

Until one day

You give it a try

No more waiting

It is time

To succeed