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How to Fall in Love: An Open Letter

How to fall in love


Look into his eyes

His eyes are sky blue and draw you in like a sun rise

So bright and beautiful that you don't realize the sun rise will become a sun set

You sit and watch

Each moment your heart collides with your muted mind

The sun rise turns into gray clouds

You fall back

The sun set is clear in his eyes

Darker darker darker

The sun has died out like the innocence you thought you locked up

In your mind the key was a ring and name change

But in the real world sun rises become sunsets

The key was his hand

Coiled up and ready to strike if you set off an alarm

Sky blue

Bruise blue

Black skies

Black eyes



Do not under any circumstances fall in love

Sun sets and black skies hide behind clouds

You are too young to see this

Go back to bed

Give your teddy a kiss

There will be a sun rise when you wake up

Don't look into his eyes


© 2019 Austin Koeckeritz

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