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How Their Marriage Was Saved #6

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Mr. Oyerinde G. giving fish Seminar

Mr. Oyerinde G. giving fish Seminar

She has repeatedly been telling him as you used to tell us during marriage talks that sex between

Couples has been sanctioned and made holy by God, but he would not listen to me, especially when he sees that I am pregnant, he has been avoiding me. He knows my past, knows the work I am doing before, I am the one who likes sex, I want you to help me talk to

Him because I do not want him to push me to do what I do not want to do again. I am a woman who cannot be seeing a man beside me without him touching me he has to be touching me regularly if he still wants us to be together, else, after I have given birth to the

Child in me, I will divorce him she stated. The man was elated to hear her and promised to talk to him. He called the young man to discuss with him the issue the woman has brought to him. The young man did not deny that he did not like sex, and she is the type that can stay

Long hours in the act he is not good in that act, this has wearied my heart. I have been trying to adjust to this but the new task I have been assigned to be doing in my office is another thing, by the time I finish from the office, I would have been fagged out, and would

Have no strength for such act again therefore, when she comes with her demand I will push her off, and at times would leave the room for her, he stated. The pastor counsels him that he will have to adjust to this new life, as she stated you have known her past, the past

Cannot be totally ignored as if that has not happened before, even there are people who have not had such experience in the past who still love the act, it is individualistic in nature. Now that you have known her, you just have to adapt, he says. I will try, but the issue of my

Work too may be another thing because the new task is very tiring he says. We shall look into that, he says. After this he calls his wife again to tell her that the problem with her husband is the kind of work he is doing and he may have to change the business if she really

People working at the fish pond, in Osogbo Nigeria

People working at the fish pond, in Osogbo Nigeria

Wishes to enjoy him. The woman told him that he has heard him and would see what could be done about the issue. She discussed this with him at home and she asks him if he has something else in mind that he can venture into which would not be sapping his energy every

Day. He told her that he has been applying to other companies, but nothing has been forthcoming from them. she replied that she knows of those, what she is thinking of is if he has any business in mind that he can start doing, being an entrepreneur a man of himself, not

Working under anyone again, she says. He replies that he does not have business experience, and has never thought along that line before, but since we have taken nothing to the world and it is definite that we shall not take anything out of the world, he can still be on

His own, he can still start something. The woman told him to think about the kind of work he likes doing so that she will know her financial involvement with the business and would support him in taking off. He remembers after their discussion that one of the brethren

Who is into fish farming has once given them series of lectures on fish farming but it was because of finances that he could not venture into the business. He told his wife this and the wife asks that he contacts the brother again to know how they can start the business as per the

Financial obligations she promised to shoulder it because she wants her family preserved. He contacted the man again, making inquiries into how to get started in the business and the man put him through. After making all the findings, he started the fish farming business in

The island, bought a land close to the stream in the neighborhood, where they dug the ponds. That was how he started his own business and the family was saved from separation….

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