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How Their Marriage Was Saved #5

It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


After the fellowship he met with her and proposed to her. She appreciated him for coming to her but told him she will pray about this, for everything according to their leader should be based on prayer. Three weeks after she gets her mind cleared about being involved with him

And replied that she has cleared her mind on her issue. However, she will still need to tell him some of her pasts because that is vital, for their leader has repeatedly been saying that anyone that one would be romantically involved with and settle with in marriage the person

Has a right to know what one has passed through in the past so that the person will decide if he or she can stay in the relationship or leaves. He asks that she tells him her past at that point in time, but she says she cannot because the place is relatively open, they need to be

Alone where and when she will tell him about her past. As far as she is concerned, she is yet to be romantically involved with him it is when the issues of their pasts have been resolved that she can now say they are in romantic relationship she has told him. She also

Added that she also desires to know his past too, but she may have to tell him her pasts first because she is thinking she has a horrible past than he is, she concluded. They eventually met and there she disclosed her past to him for that is where she has made her fortune from,

And her life would have been miserable if not that she has had little experience about business, that was what prompted her to establish her business when she did not known to her that it was through that she will come to know Christ the Lord, it is possible though that she

Comes to know God through some other means, but her life may be miserable because if she has not gotten something to fall on, her life would have been in ruins. Having known my past now, are you still interested in me? Do you still want to be married to me? She asks


Looking him straight in the eyes. He replied that he is ready to marry him and would not for anything leave her, he stated. Then she asks to know his past too. I do not have a past similar to yours, although I lived in sin too and have once or twice patronized body business

Ladies too, but since I have been saved I have not been involved with something like that again he has stated. He is a staff at one of the companies in the Island, and his income is less than $100:00 a month. He is living in a single room with his friend. She was happy that she

Can accept her as she is and that was when they started dating. They made this known to the pastor she is talking with today. The brethren were elated to know that the duo are romantically involved for it has been the fear of many brethren in the church that if the lady

Gets married to someone who is not a member of the church how would they be receiving the supports that they are receiving now in the church? Now that they know that both are members of the fellowship their minds are at ease that they will continue to enjoy them.

The day of their wedding was a wonderful one in the fellowship. It is about eight months now that they got married, that the young lady confronts the pastor of the church and she has brought the matter of her lover and darling to the man of God. The matter she has brought to

Him is that her husband used to defraud him, for he used to tell her that he does not like sex, and if it is not that he also wants to have children he may not have been married.