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How Their Marriage Was Saved #4

It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


When her member of staff preached to her she was pricked in the heart as the person used the woman in John chapter eight to preach to her that the woman was saved even though the priests who have been collecting money from her want her dead when discovering her secret,

But Jesus pardons her and gave her a new life, she will also be given a new life if she can accept the offering of Jesus that day. She thought it over of what benefit shall it be for her if she gains the whole world and lose her life in hellfire? It would be of no benefit, thence she

Considers it that God loves her deeply to have given her a chance to think and repent, there are people, who have not been given such grace she has reasoned and given her life to Jesus Christ. She severed her relationship with those people in “body business” and got

Herself acquainted with the brethren in the new fellowship that the young lady has introduced her to. She becomes dedicated member and was given all her life to the service of the Lord. The people in the “business of the body” has been thinking that her dog (will

soon) return to her vomit, like a fool (who) returns to her folly,” for they keep saying she will soon run out of the money she is using to finance her business, but she proved them wrong as she did not return into their midst again, she has had enough of the worldly

Enjoyment she said to herself, “it is time I put my heart to things of heaven”, she says to herself. As she continues to join the brethren she makes new friends and was able to learn new ways of maintaining her business and contrary to the oppositions beliefs that her

Business will soon collapse her business did not but was growing. She now spends more in supporting the growth of the ministry she belongs to, she is one of the major financier of the ministry, several times prayers would be offered for her business growth by the brethren


Because as she supports the ministry she also established humanitarian organization responsible for the upkeep of the widows, widowers, motherless babies, supporting businesses, students, and establishing businesses for people brethren majorly is her focus with

Few percentage on the people who do not belong to the ministry she attends. As she continues to do this, one of the respectable brother in the ministry shows interest in her, and he contacts the ministry’s leader of what was in his mind about her, the leader asks for his

Patience that they will look into the matter ask her about her marital life peradventure her spouse is not living within the island as it is common with many of the rich ladies in the island. He was elated to hear him and was looking forward to when he will give him the

Response of his findings. He after three weeks called the young man to tell him that the lady is single and says she has no spouse anywhere, and she is looking forward to marry a God-fearing man. The man was happy, to hear the leader. The leader now told him that he

Can get close to her and tell her his mind, if she likes her or not, because their relationship needs to be love based if he indeed wants to enjoy her. Since the point that the young man has heard that the lady is single he has been dreaming of her, dreaming of her being in his arms,

Dreaming of how they traveled to the developed world together on tourism, dream of romances among other dreams he used to have about her. He has been planning of how to meet her and one evening before the fellowship began he has booked an appointment with her.

Quote: Mark 8:36; Proverbs 26:11