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How Their Marriage Was Saved #3

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At the appointed day with the man she was involved with she waited endlessly for the man’s arrival but he did not come. During the moment she saw different offers from people at the joint, but she turned them down because to her, the middle-aged man worth relying on,

She would not want him to feel that she is not responsible. It was about ten days after this that the news got to her through his friend that the middle-aged man had accident while traveling to meet her and has been rushed to the hospital by good Samaritans who were

Driving past his vehicle at the accident scene. No means of identification could be found on him and the people have been responsible for his up keep at the hospital until he gives up the ghost. However, someone who knows his vehicle and on passing by the accident scene

Has reported the incident to people close by him who traced him to the hospital and discovered that he is dead. The news of his death got to his work place and from there the news got to the lady who brought them together who told her about the incident. When she

Heard of this incident she cried and cried, saying her benefactor has left her unannounced, asking death why she has decided to be cruel on her? Her friend counsels her, telling her that she should brushed that aside because even in the business they are doing they do not have a

Permanent client, they used to have many clients, she told her. She has told her that she has wanted to stay with him alone, because she enjoyed him that night and has promised that she will be all his as long as she lives. Her friend told her that she has made a fool’s promise,

No one does that in the work they are doing, “one man in, one man out” is the business and that is how the business flourishes, that is how they can make their own money, she emphatically said to her. Well since he is gone now, she now has her life back with no one


Laying claim to it that she has promised him something she said to her. That is good, her friend replied, asking her what she will do now. She told her friend that they will meet in the evening at the joint for she has been seeing some guys there and would see if they will be

There. That is wonderful of you she stated as she left her. After her friend has left her, it comes to her mind of the bank official who has proposed to her, the person has good work and she can be involved with him too, after all it has been stated that we should not have a

Permanent client, “clients go, clients come”. After thinking about this, she decides to visit the bank again to give the young man a surprise visit. On getting to the bank the bank official was elated to see her and asks her to come to her section where he accommodated her. After

Brief discussion they made a conclusion of where they would meet and it is a different venue from the place she has been familiar with. She was glad that it will be a different venue for through that she will be able to meet with new people and new faces, “clients go, clients

come”, life continues. This is how she becomes involved with “body business” as her friend has told her. From this banker, she has gotten involved with others who paid her for her services. It is what she made from this that she paid her tuition fees and other things, she

Finished from the college and opened a small Supermarket in the island. It was after she has opened a small business center, that one of her staff preached Jesus to her. She though used to go to church every Sunday but she has not been introduced to Jesus before, all she has been introduced to was money, money and money and other religious activities.


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