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How Their Marriage Was Saved #2

It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


She collected her own share of the deal, leaving them and went to her own client. The man and the lady had it hot that night, and he really enjoyed her, he introduced her into the world of sex. He paid her the amount he has told her friend that he would pay her. She has no

Bank account, because her parents were micro-business persons and have been saving money into a box to sponsor her thus far. But lately they could not save money again, therefore they had called her that she has to drop out of the college because their business is

Not picking up, the recession, draught among other things have negatively affected their business, in fact they can barely feed themselves. Because they used to give her cash, and she has no one to run to for assistance, there is no need to bank account, even the money she is

Being given by her parents, is barely enough to do what she is doing in the school, she has to rely on some of her colleagues for assistances during those periods before she would be able to make up with other petty money needed for her academics and other things in the

School. It was because she has no bank account that the young man paid her cash, asking that she needs to open a bank account because he does not want her with someone else, he enjoyed her and wishes that she be all hers. When she received the money she could not

Believe what she has received, thousands of dollars for over the night? This is wonderful she has silently stated to herself and promised that she always be there for the middle-aged man. After she has been dropped at the entrance of her dormitory early the following


Morning, she went to see her friend to give her some out of the money and the one told her she does not need it, for she has her client with her who has also satisfied her. She was surprised, just like that. This is a good business she stated to her. Haven’t I told you? The

More you grow in the business the more you meet with people who matter in the society and you won’t ever cry again she told her. After appreciating her, she asks her of how she can open an account because the middle-aged man has told her that she needs an account and she

Does not want to disappoint him. She told her that she has clients working in banks who she will direct her to, they will help her to open a standard account that would accommodate her business status. She was elated to hear this and asks of when she will connect him to her

Friend and client. During this period technology has not been as this and there has not been mobile phones and other social media. She says that she will bring them together the following day because she will be meeting with her client the following day. When they met

She was introduced to him, and her client asks that she comes to his office that the bank account would be opened for her without delays. When she gets to his office, the bank, another bank official who is the young man’s friend has also shown interest in her, asking his

Friend how he can be connected to her. He told his friend that he will bring them together. He indeed arranged their meeting but the maiden who has been introduced into the business does not agree to the man’s proposal saying she is respected young lady and her

Spouse is not living in the island that she does not want to cheat on him. This young man asks to think about him because he is also ready to do anything for her. She told him she will give his case a reconsideration but for now her answer stands as it is. She opened the account, and deposited money into the account.