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How Their Marriage Was Saved #1

It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


The woman, who is the wife of one of the respected persons in the church has booked appointment with her pastor. The pastor asks if there is no problem and she has told him that she will tell him everything when she meets with him one on one because it is not a thing that

She can briefly talk about, “I need your serious counselling”, she has told the pastor. The pastor told her that God would give her comfort on all sides and would give her the desired counseling when they see. At the appointed date, she gets to the pastor’s office early and was

Invited in by the pastor. That is not the counseling day for the Pastor but because she has asked for a special time from the pastor he has canceled some of his schedules to attend to her that day. Immediately she sits down a opposite the pastor, she burst into tears the pastor was

Confused, what could be the matter with her, has the situation she wants to talk to him about degenerated over the hours? He started looking bewildered, asking her to calm down and tell him what happened. After few seconds of crying, she stopped crying, wiped off her

Tears and started narrating the incidents to the family. The issue is with her marriage. Before she gets saved she has been romantically involved with different men and all of them she has carnal knowledge of. She has been introduced into the business when she was in the

College by her friends because her parents were not rich and could not sustain her academics. They have at a point ask that she dropped out of the school and go for other work because they cannot afford to sponsor her again. She was down casted on hearing this and

Return to her dormitory weeping. On getting to her dormitory, she met with one of her course mate who notices that she was not has happy, that lady took notice of her and asks what the problem was with her, because she has been overwhelmed by what was happening


She told her what happened. The lady took her aside to talk to her and tell her that she has once been in her position and was able to scale through that position through the help of some of her friends who have introduced her to a business. She also is ready to introduce her to the

Kind of business she is doing if she be willing to do the business. She asks of what the business was but she did not tell her then saying she will tell her later. The lady whose heart has been on fire, she does not want to drop out of the institution and has been looking

Forward to assistant wherever she could get it could not rest. She continued to disturb her and one day she called her aside telling her the kind of business she is into, it is called “business of the body”. She asked of what kind of business it is and she told her it is “sex

trade”, it is a business of exchanging what they have to get what they do not have. she has no inkling that students could be doing that kind of business, though she has heard of something like that, but she never imagined that students who are young and the glory of

Tomorrow’s island could also be involved in such act. After she has heard it, the lady told her if she will be interested in the work, that that night, she has clients who are on the heat and would be ready to pay any amount for the business. Since she has not gotten any solution

To her troubles, she told her she is ready for the work, after all “it is not metered” she said to her. “Ho, ho-ho,” her friend replied. That night they went out to the selected location where the lady used to meet with her clients and presented her to a client who has asked for fresh blood.