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How She Fought Back #8

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And come to think of it who has told her that I want to die as a cashier in the bank, who told her that I cannot be richer than her father? Wealth is no birthright of anyone all that wealth requires is determination, dedication to become rich in the world, and if I can continue

Like this and save more money, I sure shall make it big later in life, I only need to start somewhere and that is what I have done, starting as a bank officer he says to himself as he continues to think about the meeting on his way to his house. After the work of the day the

Damsel he is involved with visited him before going to his house to prepare him his food. And while preparing the meal he has told her what happened and her response. The lady told him that she knows such would happen because he is handsome, hardworking,

Faithful, and dedicated. Ladies want such qualities in any man they shall be married to, she concludes that he should be careful with her because such ladies are usually desperate ladies, and he should not tell her where she works at because she may set her up sending

People to her to kidnap or kill her. He told her that he will never make such mistake that he does not even want her to know where he lives so that such thing would not happen. They played together before the damsel leave her. He briefed the brethren of her case and those

People also counseled that he should becareful in his dealings with her, for what he does not have interest in he should be far off, he should not receive anything from her again and she should maintain his distance anything other than official discussion and interactions with

Her should not be entertained again they stated. He thanked them and started following what he has been told. The lady discovers that he has changed greatly and has been avoiding him, he will not be on seat whenever she takes money to the bank and when he is asked for

Others would say he has been sent a message by the manager. This has been the response for sometimes and then she went to ask the manager why he used to send one of their dedicated servants errands early in the morning when he knows that the bank would be

Busy and customers would be many at the banking hall. That person replied that he does not understand her. She asked straight that why is he always sending the young man errands early in the morning and the one replied that he has never been doing that. Then the lady

Knows that what he has been doing was to avoid her. She told her that if he has not been doing that he should not and if he is doing that and covering up he should make amends as she left his office. The manager calls him after she has left his office to ask him why he has

Been leaving his seat early morning when customers are many and he replied that he hasn’t been leaving his position but that when he sees the lady coming he used to excuse himself while another works at the place until she leaves. Then the manager told him that the

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Damsel has brought his case to him and he needs to be careful and should not be leaving his position for any cause because he could be implicated. He thanked the manager and promised a change. The lady after leaving the office has called his father and told him that he

Needs to call the general manager of the bank to sack the young man because he has not been regular in the office of late and he has talked with the branch manager severally but he would not yield. He need to do something about him before they turn the bank work to family

Business and liquidate the bank. His father told him that he has heard what she said and would put the ball in motion. He called the General Manager of the bank gave him the details of the young man that they need to get him off the bank if they really want him to keep

Maintaining his accounts with the bank. His money takes a lion share in what the bank relies on for her services, and after consultation with other shareholder the young man was sacked from the establishment. His colleagues on seeing what happened told him that it is the

Handiwork of that lady and they have told him that he needs to be diplomatic and apply wisdom in dealing with her. They counsel him to go to her and beg her for if he does that they would reverse the action, but having known what her intention is, he decides that it is

Better he stays with her lady, and seek for other job than going to her for if he goes to her it means he will consent to her proposal and he would be her playboy, I better be the head of my home than being the tail of my home without a say he said to himself and started

Seeking for employment elsewhere. He could not secure any other job three years after he got married to his love and he would later start a selling knitting materials…. It is about thirty years ago that the incident happened, he plays back the whole scenario in his mind and

Says it is better that one suffers as a believer than suffering for an unjust cause, and sometimes when one is defending what is right, one needs to know that it may not mean that one’s life would change, because that usually is what we usually think about as believers, that

Having suffering for just cause, righteous thing, it is definite that our lives would change soon that God would compensate us, sometimes we may not be compensated at all, but one thing is we shall have peace of mind….

Quotation: 1 Peter 3:14-19


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